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  • July 2020 (Class B) - Sasquatch howls recorded in Madawaska Valley, SE of Algonquin Provincial Park
  • July 2010 (Class B) - Possible wood knock responses heard near Westport
  • July 2009 (Class B) - Bipedal sounding pacing and possible vocalizations heard by Boy Scout leader and Scouts at Quetico Provincial Park
  • July 2009 (Class B) - Unusual thud and possible whoop heard along with feeling of being watched in Algonquin Provincial Park
  • December 2008 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard 10 miles SE of Arden
  • August 2008 (Class A) - Daytime sighting behind a cabin near Westport
  • September 2007 (Class B) - Possible daytime sighting by boaters and day prior by morning walker between Perth and Westport
  • Summer 2007 (Class A) - Daylight sighting by emergency services worker driving on Hwy 11 just outside Fort Frances
  • August 2006 (Class A) - Daylight sighting close to tourist cabins near Sioux Narrows
  • June 2007 (Class B) - Possible tracks found crossing dirt road near Hilton Beach
  • July 2004 (Class B) - Witness and his girlfriend hear strange sounds near Magnetawan
  • September 1993-94 (Class A) - Morning daylight encounter with grouse hunter on Indian Island 45 km east of Fort Francis
  • March 1982 (Class B) - Childhood incident near Trenton - possilble sighting & tracks.
  • August apx 1979 (Class B) - Possible tracks found near cabin at Otter Lake
  • July 1981 (Class A) - Man describes childhood sighting at a cabin in Ufford County
  • September 2006 (Class B) - Vocazliation heard by moose hunter in the Godson Lake area
  • May 2001 (Class B) - Hikers report possible vocalizations in Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park
  • Summer 1975 (Class B) - Man recalls childhood incident, possible sighting outside home near Fort Frances
  • August 2006 (Class B) - Possible tracks & smell noted by vacationers near Haliburton
  • September 2004 (Class B) - Family describes possible rock throwing while fishing in Lake Superior Provincial Park
  • May 2005 (Class B) - Hikers find possible tracks and other sign on an old logging road outside North Bay
  • August 2004 (Class B) - Possible whistles heard by campers north of Sault Saint Marie
  • Summer 1968 (Class A) - Woman recalls childhood sighting outside a cottage in the Southern Georgian Bay area.
  • October 1992 (Class A) - Night time sighting by policeman on the Trans-Canada Hwy, ~100 miles west of Cochrane.
  • December 2006 (Class A) - Roadside sighting by a father and son north of Brockville
  • December 2004 (Class A) - Pre-dawn road crossing sighting by trucker 40 miles west of Toronto
  • November 1984 (Class B) - Possible sighting by two brothers in the Dunrobin area west of Ottowa
  • November 2002 (Class B) - Various sound-only incidents described by hunter near Cripple Creek
  • October 2006 (Class A) - Afternoon sighting by couple on Highway 11 outside Latchford
  • September 2006 (Class A) - Forest Growth and Yield Tech has strange encounter while working in forest
  • August 2005 (Class B) - August 2005; Temagami, Ontario - A father, his son and girlfriend are witness to several incidents in northern Ontario.
  • November 2005 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard at Lake Huron near the town of Bruce Mines
  • August 2005 (Class B) - Boaters have rocks possibly thrown at them north of Thunder Bay
  • October 2003 (Class A) - Toronto Police Officer hunting moose has close encounter
  • July 2002 (Class A) - Man watching his sons canoeing also sees upright animal. Extraordinary vocalizations heard
  • June 1998 (Class A) - Fisherman has morning sighting while boating up waterway near Sioux Lookout
  • November 1999 (Class A) - Moose hunter has morning encounter in hills of northern Ontario
  • September 1997 (Class A) - Creature observed crossing the road.
  • September 1997 (Class A) - Two witnesses (Truck drivers) spot a Bulky, Hairy (Brown Hair) being walking under the bridge
  • July 1997 (Class A) - A sighting of a gray shape in the bush near the waters edge, large footprints found afterwards
  • August 1995 (Class B) - Strange vocalizations heard in the Markdale area
  • July 1996 (Class A) - A tall, hairy, and ugly eight foot sasquatch spotted after scareing dogs.
  • July 1996 (Class A) - Couple have a strange feeling of being watched.
  • July 1996 (Class B) - Brushfire fighters find and photograph large track in remote area on the northside of Lac Seul
  • 1994 (Class A) - Two fishermen spot a 7 foot tall brown creature from their boat.
  • June 1993 (Class A) - Witnesses see a large, black, hairy creature standing upright only 30 feet from them.
  • August '91 or'92 (Class B) - Woman recalls hearing unusual hi-pitch sounds at a home near North Bay
  • October 1990 (Class A) - Morning encounter with a moose hunter in northern Ontario
  • May 1990 (Class A) - Nightime roadside encounter near Orangeville
  • June 1987 (Class B) - Strange feeling of being watched reported by couple.
  • September 1986 (Class A) - Teen watches as sitting bigfoot eats blueberries
  • July 1986 (Class A) - Fishing Guide has sighting while trolling Deer Lake
  • August 1978 (Class A) - Motorists have nighttime sighting near Grimsby.
  • June 1964 (Class A) - Man recalls his nighttime roadside sighting near Markdale
  • December 1958 (Class B) - Possible tracks found crossing field of snow 50 years ago in the City of Thunder Bay

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