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Report # 10734  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, February 23, 2005.
Man recalls childhood incident, possible sighting outside home near Fort Frances
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YEAR: 1975

SEASON: Summer



LOCATION DETAILS: 4th street west about 500ft from bush line. 50ft from tracks

NEAREST TOWN: Fort Frances

NEAREST ROAD: trans canada

OBSERVED: When i was young i awoke to heavy breathing coming from the window of my bedroom. The window was roughly 8ft away.The bottom of my window was about 7 ft off the ground. (sidesplit)There was nothing under the window to step on. In the window was a silouette of what i thought was a bear but it had shoulders wich i didn't think of at the time.It's head almost reached the top of the window. there was plenty of moon light behind it.It just looked in, and was breathing loudly. looking in my direction. (I'm assuming because i could not see it's eyes.) When i moved it would slightly move. I pulled the blanket up over my head while still peeking at it. I was to terrified to move or to go to my parents room.It watched me for about 5 min, Then it slowly turned and walked out of my sight. A fraction of a second later i was in my parents room. My dad woke up went outside to take a look. He did say it smelled like a bear had been around. In The morning our two rabbits that we kept outside were missing but the cage wasn't damaged.

ALSO NOTICED: smell. and the rabbits?

OTHER WITNESSES: none other than my dad but he never saw what was in the window.

OTHER STORIES: a couple just north of there (soix lookout?)

TIME AND CONDITIONS: I saw it at night

ENVIRONMENT: edge of bush crownland go for 100's of miles nothing but bush to the north

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness was a young boy back in 1975 and was lying in his bed about 8 feet from the window. The base of the window was approximately 7 feet off the ground. He says that he doesn't know why, but something woke him up. He looked at the window and saw what appeared to be a very large person peering into his window. It was a very large head situated on top of very wide shoulders that took up the width of the window. He says that whatever was looking in had to be about 9 - 10 feet tall because window sill was 7 feet off the ground and it was another 3 - 4 feet above that. It was silhouetted so he could not make out any facial features, but could see that it had fur over its head and shoulders. Its head was going back and forth across the window as if it was "sniffing" it. At that point the witness jumped out of bed and ran to his father. His father went outside and saw nothing, only the stench of "garbage" in the air.

The next day the family noticed that their two rabbits were gone. Something opened the latch and took them out. His father contacted his friend in the OPP (Police Officer) and he came to investigate. He told the witness that he probably saw a "bear" in his window and that dogs probably took the rabbits. The witness does not agree with this conclusion.

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