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Report # 5873  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, February 20, 2003.
Man describes childhood sighting at a cabin in Ufford County
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YEAR: 1981

SEASON: Summer




LOCATION DETAILS: Ufford county is about 50 miles outside of Bracebridge, 4 hours north of Toronto

NEAREST TOWN: Bracebridge


Since I was a baby my family would spend 2 weeks out of the year in Ufford Ontario. The camp site was forest rock camp, and our cabin was placed about 50 feet in the bush, from other cabins.
One night at about 2am, I was awakened by a sneeze, a very deep sneeze, and a garbage, skunk, rotten meat, wet dog smell.
My bed was about 8 feet from my window, as it was a very hot night mother opened my window.

What I am about to tell you is the truth, I swear on my life. Something walked to my window, almost totally blocking the moonlight, and looked in. It had a head the size of a cow, but looked like a monkey, a man monkey. I remember wimpering, and my mother getting up. It must have heard her for it disappeared.
I told her what I saw, and she laughed, and said it was just a deer, or a cow. I never forgot that night.

Now, years later, when talking to my father, who`s parents owned the camp, told me something I`ll never forget. I asked him what scared him the most in life, you know being in the war on the opp.
What he told me, astonished me. It was about 1936, and him and his brother Roy were picking dew worms on the edge of a thick bush. Dad says he heard a grunt and some rustling, so he shone
his lantern into the bush.....and a giant hairy man walked away. Sorry but that`s all I could get out of him. He was trembling telling the story.

ALSO NOTICED: In the morning, looked like a small car had plowed through bush and trees. Footprints visible!

OTHER STORIES: Yes refer to fathers statement

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It occured around 2am. It was very
hot, and there was moonlight.

ENVIRONMENT: The environment was thick pine forest on a lake
3mile lake, not many people in the camp at that time.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness was a child when this occurred and to this day still has a hard time dealing with what he saw that night.

While sleeping in the cabin, the bedroom window was wide open with no screen. At about 02:00 am the witness could hear a "scurrying" sound coming from outside, but thought it was a small animal. There was a light that shone from the main cabin and illuminated the area just outside of his window. Apparently all of a sudden the light disappeared as if something very large was blocking it and then the light re-appeared. When the witness looked to see what it was he saw a very large head that he says was the size of a moose head peering into his window. The face was "monkey-like", with a large flat nose and huge eyes that looked up and around the room. He described its breathing like that of a cow or horse, a very, very deep nasal sound. He says that he will never forget the sound. There was also very little hair on the face and appeared to be dark skin.

The witness cannot recall completely because at the time he was so petrified, but he feels that he must have cried out or whimpered and his mother came running in. Then it was gone.

The base of the window was about 6' and so considering that he feels it knelt or bent down, it must have been of considerable size.

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