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Report # 17501  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, February 2, 2007.
Possible tracks & smell noted by vacationers near Haliburton
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 11



NEAREST TOWN: Haliburton

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 118

OBSERVED: It was a warm August night and because of the tornadoe that came through the area we were burning lots of brush at the front of our cottage. My friend was up with her two boys and they were in the cottage watching a movie with my two kids. We have a dog and he started to growl and he was facing the road/brush between our cottage and our neighbours cottage. There had been a stench in the air all weekend and we thought it may be a bear.
My friend had a cottage years ago on Stoney lake in the Peterborough area and said it could be a bear. Our dog is spineless and kept growling and facing the darkness on the other side of the cottage his hackles were up.I as well as my friend and husband tried to peer into the darkness as we did the dog hid under my husbands chair the Xterra has super bright lights so I shone them at the back of the cottage absolutely nothing was there.We then heard a loud crack I said it's a bear I was getting nervous.I shone the lights out the back a gain and seen nothing but felt safer in the cottage. The next morning my friend went outside for a smoke and we went out behind the cottage.She said holy shit you got a sasquatch.I looked on the ground and seen a few large foot prints in the sand.The larger limbs from the trees were back there and some had been walked on.The dog and neighbours dogs were running around.messing up the prints i covered one with cardboard.We had a friend look at it as well as my husband who wears size 12 and his foot was dwarfed by this barefoot print.My friend was thinking of bigfoot I was thinking someone was goofing around and said so.I said it might be the barefooted guy at the end of the road, my friend said is he Frodo? Any way I found a couple of websites and it says the things have been sighted throughout Ontario sort of scares me.I really don't like being alone up there andy more which for the last five years I did quite often.

ALSO NOTICED: Yes it was stinky smelling like human feces.

OTHER WITNESSES: Me my husband and my friend who said it was a sasquatch

OTHER STORIES: Never asked any one nor will I my husband and I reallly don't know what to think but my friend tends to think there definitely was something big out side that night.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: about 9 or 10 P.M.

ENVIRONMENT: We have a fen it is right beside the cottage and lots of old growth forested area . The lake is about 200 feet from were th prints were and sandy hill behind with open grassland that goes into old growth forest

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness has a cottage on 11 acres in the Haliburton area. The cottage sits approximately 500 -600 feet from the shores of a small lake and is surrounded by swamps, fen and plenty of game including moose, elk, black bear, wolf, rabbits, raccoons and skunks. Behind the cottage is a flat sandy area that leads to thick brush and forest.

The witness stated that on several occasions she and others in her family could detect the distinct odour of "feces". The snapping of branches and twigs in the immediate area would often follow this. She also noted that while smelling and hearing that she got a very anxious and apprehensive feeling that made her want to quickly leave the area. She further adds that last summer she has had something hit the side of the cottage very hard in the middle of the night. It struck the cottage so hard it woke her up. This occurred on about 5 -6 separate occasions. She still did not know what it was and thought, at that time, that it might have been a bear.

In speaking with the witness about her report she was able to add a little more information. After hearing the branch snap at the rear of their cottage the dog began barking and started to move in the direction of the noise. It was pitch black so they could see nothing. Shortly afterwards, the dog came running back and hid beneath one of the chairs. Apparently, this is out of character for this dog. After hearing the branch snap and smelling the foul odour the witness got very nervous and they all retired into the cottage for the night. In the morning they found approximately twenty 15" prints in the rear of the cottage. The prints were approximately 1/2" into the hard sand in an area where her prints would barely make a mark. Her husband put his size 12 foot into the print and was amazed at how it dwarfed his own foot.

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