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Report # 1291  (Class A)
Submitted by Timothy Yearington on Wednesday, July 1, 1998.
Witnesses see a large, black, hairy creature standing upright only 30 feet from them.
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YEAR: 1993

SEASON: Spring




OBSERVED: From the files of TIMISKAWA SASQUATCH RESEARCH, Timothy Yearington (
No. 20V

Witness: Desmond (Joe) Warren (40 yrs old, 35 at time of sighting)

Date: June 1993 ( told to me July 1, 1998) location: McLeod Road, beside Madawaska River. Between Springtown and Burnstown, Bagot and Blithfield township of Renfrew County, Ontario.

Encounter: Witness and his girlfriend (at the time) were parked along McLeod Road, a gravel backroad that parallels the south shore of the Madawaska River. They had left a friends place early in the morning, after a party, and had chosen to "park" for a while. The car was backed into the entrance of an old logging trail, off of the main road. The couple remembers noticing a foul stench in the air "like a sewer backed up, or rotten meat". At about 5:30 or 6:00 am, witness left the car leaving his drivers side door open, and walked beyond the rear of the car to urinate. He heard a small noise to his left. and turned to see a large, black, hairy creature standing upright only 30 feet from him. The creature, which the witness felt right away was a sasquatch, just stood there motionless while he finished urinating on his way back to the car. He called to his girlfriend: " My god, look at this! Get out, get out (of the car), you gotta see this!" He remained at the car and watched the creature for " what seemed like a few minutes" as it simply "checked us out." The creature finally turned and took ten to fifteen strides back into the bush and got behind some cover. Witness said its arms swung and it was silent as it walked, upright, into the woods. "It didn't take long for it to get a fair distance. I could still see it between the trees and some leaves where it stopped." It turned around again to face them, watched them a bit more, and finally fled. Witnesses left the scene, shaken and stunned. They did not speak of it to anyone until near days end.

Witness Description of the Creature: "I'm 5'11", and it was a good two feet taller than me. It was at least 3' wide. It was completely covered with long blackish brown hair, from its head right down to its toes. The only places I noticed where there was no hair was around the eyes and the hands. I could see that in the chest area -- there was less hair in there, like on a gorilla. It had a chest like a body builder. The hair went right down its arms almost to the ends of its fingers. On its legs the hair went right down onto its feet. It had big human looking feet. There wasn't much hair on its feet and it had blackish gray toenails -- that's how close I was! When it walked away I could see the soles of its feet. They were blackish in colour and very wide -- about 6" wide and maybe 14" or 15" long. It was more of a flat foot. The arms were maybe the same length as a mans but very muscular. It had pretty straight sides, no curves, you know, like on a woman. It had a tall head and not too much of a neck. It had deep sunk eyes and you could see the skin in there, kinda a brownish black leathery look to it. Where we would have eyebrows it had a ridge that stuck out a fair piece. I don't remember anything specific about the mouth, but the nose - two large nostrils like a gorilla. There was hair on the face, but you could make out where the nose area would be."

Additional Witness Comments: "In no way was it a human, a human dressed in any disguise, and the muscles on that thing - impossible!'' "I've been back to the spot maybe a couple of times and it still gives me the creeps." "Boy it scares ye. You're darned right it scares ye!"

Environment: (topo: RENFREW 31F7, 73e24n) The spot of this encounter is literally on a lowland potion of the Madawaska River valley. The terrain is rather rugged in the immediate area and heavily forested by mature species of the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence type - a mature mix of white pine, spruce, and cedar; sugar maple; red oak; balsam fir; elm; ash; aspen and white birch. There are a few old log skidding roads present at site and likely elsewhere in the region too. The area would have been heavily logged over during the square timber era but it has again become a mature forest environment. Many large conifers and hardwoods exist at site. A wide creek (Kippers Creek) flows under McLeod road at site and becomes a sheltered bay of the Madawaska River. In itself, most of the southern shore of the Madawaska river, both upstream and downstream of the site location, is steep white pine forest and rugged with virtually no development, apart from the odd waterfront cottage. There are various old pastures, fields and homestead sites interspersed among the forest. There is more forest in the site area than field. To the south and east the forest is expansive and quite mature. On the topographic map, this expansive area contains primarily forest, wetlands, creeks and a few small remote lakes. There are only a few dirt roads and trails that enter into this area. To the north and to the west of site, beyond the Madawaska River, lies much heavy forested areas also, eventually becoming a vast wilderness called the Madawaska Highlands. white tail deer are plentiful in this entire area.

Comments: Witness seemed very interested in having a lie detector test done: "…. I know what I saw and I have no quarrels about putting me on a lie detector. Then I'd finally have proof for my friends and family about what I saw." The couple had been there about 2 hours before they noticed the foul smell. Perhaps the sasquatch had been making its way down through the forest on its way to the water, to either drink or fish, when it came upon the couple parked in the car. The witness felt that it was curious about him. (Witness said that his girlfriend did not leave the car.) Witness said that he "felt like peelin' on outa there but I knew that I was seeing something incredible. That's probably why I stayed to watch it." I find it rather odd, that when the creature walked deeper into the forest that no noise, like snapping twigs or branches, were heard. But, if the ground had been wet or damp this may account for its silence. Based on the above description, it appears the witness had an extremely decent view of a sasquatch. He has noted many typical sasquatch features and characteristics. Upon a tree comparison at the sight with the witness, it seems the creature w as closer to 7' tall. (This report was written by Tim Yearington)

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