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A brief history of the BFRO database and
an explanation of the BFRO's report classification system

Reports posted since February 1, 2019

Reports posted since January 1, 2019

  • August 2017; Kansas, Mitchell County (Class A) - Two motorists (female) report road crossing Sasquatch on Interstate 24 among cornfields right outside Cawker City famously known for the 'The World's Largest Ball of Twine'

  • August 1972; Alberta (Class A) - A boy's summer encounter in a Saskatoon patch in Strathcona Island Park, next to Medicine Hat.

  • November 2013; Washington, Lewis County (Class A) - Hunter using game caller (squealing rabbit) has extended daylight sighting in Gifford Pinchot

Reports posted since December 1, 2018

Reports posted since November 1, 2018

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