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Expeditions in 2006 and beyond

By mid-2006 the amount, and the frequency, of BFRO expeditions complicated the writing of the expedition reports by a single person (the same person who was the chief organizer of all the expeditions). It was decided at that point to allow participants to describe the events through the BFRO's public message board. You can find notes about all the expeditions on the BFRO's public message board, and/or you can ask about any that you don't see mentioned.

Expeditions in 2006 and before

These notes and links are not up to date. They will be updated soon.

April 27 - 30: Ohio - Columbiana County; Was there activity (sounds,etc.)? Answer: Yes, there were indications of their presence in at least two different creek valleys. Click here for notes & photos.

Mar 30 - April 2: Arizona - Mogollon Rim; Was there activity (sounds,etc.) noted on this expediton? Answer: No sounds, no tracks, etc. (none at 8,000 ft. in early April). There was a very important find though. Click here for the report about the cave with the layers of grass bedding inside.

March 2 - 5: California - Redwoods Region; Was there activity (sounds,etc.) noted on this expedition? Answer: Yes, sounds were heard by six participants. There was one brief visual observation through a thermal viewer. Rangers in the Redwoods have begun collecting their own casts of tracks. They showed us several photos of a set of track casts. The rangers also provided a great tip for a Fall expedition. There was torrential rain during much of this expedition. Because of that, all those who atteneded are invited to return on the Fall '06 expedition (specific dates to be announced). The fee will be waived if you attended the March 2006 trip. Click here for notes and Q&A with participants on the March 2006 Redwoods expedition.

February 2 - 5: : Georgia - White County; Was there activity (sounds,etc.) noted on this expedition? Yes, indicative sounds were heard by five participants in a mountain gorge outside Helen, GA. Photos being gathered and notes being assembled. Click here for a newspaper article about this expedition.

January 26 - 29 : Florida - Lake County; Click here for the notes.


December 1-4: Oklahoma - Only a few notes for now. More will be added later. We're intentionally being sparse with information on this past expedition there, because we plan to go back to the same spots this year. We'll be returning in December, same time as last year. Early December turned out to be ideal timing. The drought conditions kept all the animals near the last few running streams in the mountains. There are definitely sasquatches in southeastern OK, and they do throw rocks at night.

November 8 - 11: Pennsylvania, Michaux State Forest - The report is under construction. Here is a newspaper article. Soon a sound recording (at least one) will be posted along with some photos.

September and early October: New York Adirondacks - A few notes and photos have been released on a page for the upcoming expedition to the same area.

September 8 - 11: Colorado - Leadville Region; Click here for the notes.

August 25 - 28: British Columbia - Sunshine Coast; Click here for the notes.

August 11- 14: New Mexico - Jemez Mts.; Click here for the expedition notes.

August 4 - 7: Washington - Olympic Peninsula; Click here for the expedition report.

April 7 - 17: West Virginia - Greenbrier River; Click here for the expedition report.

March 3 - 6: Northern California - Redwoods; Privately Sponsored Expedition. Click here for the article in Robb Report Magazine.

Dec. 27 - Jan, 7 : New Mexico - Mescalero IR; Click here for the expedition report.


  • September 2 - 5 : New Mexico / Colorado Border; Click here for report.

  • August 5 - 8 : Northwest Washington - Olympic Peninsula; Click here for report.

  • October 9 - 13 : New Mexico / Arizona Border - Navajo IR; Click here for report.

  • 2001

    • September 29 - October 5 : Southern Oklahoma - Ouachita Mountains Click here for the expedition report.


    • September 16 - 23 : Washington State - Skookum Meadows; Click here for the expedition report.

      Click here for more about the big find of this expedition -- the Skookum Cast.

    • May 19 - 21 : Washington State - Gifford Pinchot National Forest ;
      Click here for the expedition report.

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