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2009 Upstate New York Expedition

Registrations for this Expedition are closed at this time, please contact the Organizer following the instructions below to be considered for the waiting list.

Dates: October 15- 18 (Thurs. - Sun.)

The location for the 2009 BFRO expedition was going to be held in the vicinity of the Catskills Mountains. For various reasons, the target location has been changed to a different hotspot in the Adirondacks Mountains, albeit a different location than previous BFRO expeditions in the Adirondacks Mountains. The area has a history of incidents, including some close approaches to camps.

BFRO Investigator Nick M. of Rhode Island (organizer of the 2008 Maine expedition) will be leading this trip.

If you are interested in attending the 2009 expedition in October, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page prior to contacting Nick via email (

NY-BFRO on 2006 Expedition in the Adirondacks

The expedition group nterviews a witness in the Adirondacks. During a flap of sightings and encounters around the town of Whitehall in the late 1970's a sasquatch came onto to this porch and rattled the screen door one evening. It walked away when the homeowner approached the door and shouted at it. A sasquatch was subsequently shot at by Whitehall police officers a few miles away from this property -- likely the same animal. Based on other incidents that happened around this town during the same time frame, this particular sasquatch may have been trying to "surrender" or trying to interact with the local humans, but was not well received.

Connecticuit race car builder Curt Vogt exploring a habitat area during the 2005 BFRO Adirondacks Expediton.

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