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Report # 9168  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 17, 2004.
Boy wakes and has sighting through bedroom window in Shelton
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YEAR: 1984

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Mason County

LOCATION DETAILS: its the house across from my brothers house, whish is(edited) drive, or (edited) drive, however the house has been sold since then, but I would be glad to show you where it is


NEAREST ROAD: our house was at the end of a long driveway

OBSERVED: I always wondered about this incident and I had even told my parents and a few friends about it. I even thought about submitting it onto this site but I did not bother because it happened on an island(and I thought it was crazy). When I read about the report(on this site) on Hartstene Island, my skin crawled and I decided that I had better do this. I grew up on Hartstene Island.
In 1984 my parents used to sell Xmas trees down in California, and I would stay at home alone for about three weeks. I was a junior in high school. My older brother and his wife lived across the street, so I was never really THAT isolated. We lived in a big house on a farm in an old fruit orchard, with horses chickens and pigs. Abby, our German Shephard was always around although sometimes she would dissappear at night, and I am sure that she was not at home with me the night that this happened because her barking would have woke me up. And she sometimes used to go crazy barking at night, but we always dismissed it as deer, and sometimes you could hear twigs snapping out in the woods behind our house. The woods behind our house went on for quite a ways......they had been logged off previously and so it was second or third growth that went way back, with no houses during that time.

My parents were in California selling trees. Our house was a big one story with lots of windows. I always felt like I was being watched at night so I would go around and pull most of the curtains shut. Beyond the yard light it was pitch black. Our house was shaped like a T at that time and my bedroom was on the end left side of the T with the kitchen being kind of in the top middle of the T. There was a slider that opened from the kitchen out onto a covered deck. The deck had two gates, and one of them opened up about two feet from the end of one of my bedroom windows, the bottom of which was about five feet off of the ground. I had gone to sleep and at about 230 AM I suddenly jerked awake for no reason and looked at the bedroom window that was on the right side of my bed. Something black was outlined and all I could really see was a head, like it was trying to peer into the window as opposed to just standing there right in front of it. Anyhow, it seemed at the time I saw it, whatever it was realized that I saw it and it took off running off of the porch, in the process making some clattering noise(clattering noises on wood) as it knocked something over. At the time, I thought it could have been deer hooves, but why would a deer be on our porch leaned over the fence and looking in my window? It ran off of the porch so fast then, right around my end of the house, which meant that I heard it running through the side yard by my room and then through the back yard. It was incredibly fast and I could hear it crashing through the woods loudly. It was so fast that I honestly cannot remember if it sounded like it was bipedal or not. But I seriously doubt that a deer would stand up against the side of a house to look into a window at night, that does not make sense to me. Instinctively I felt like it was some sort of animal I had never seen beofre and not human. I was so scared that I closed my eyes and prayed because I could not understand why a deer would do that, and I thought it was a person but it ran way too fast. And I was really creeped out that someone would take off running through the woods at the back of our house at 230 AM when they could have just ran back down the driveway..... Needless to say, I stayed at my brothers house for most nights from that night until my parents came home.

ALSO NOTICED: sometimes the dogs would go crazy at night but we always dismissed it as deer. My Mom used to say she always felt like she was being watched throught the windows and I did at times as well......

OTHER WITNESSES: no, I was sleeping, then suddenly jerked awake for no reason

OTHER STORIES: yes, your hartstene Island report from the married couple, their report prompted me to submit this one, even though it is years later.

My biological father tells of a camping incident when he was a teen up at the head of the Skokomish Valley, also in Mason County . Dog would not come out from under a log and something on two feet was circling their camp for a few hours. He and his friend stayed up all night and left at the first sign of light.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: late around 230 AM, dont remember the exact weather, it was not raining, may have been overcast, we had a yard light on, otherwise it was total darkness

ENVIRONMENT: house in middle of old fruit orchard, surrounded by pretty dense woods

Follow-up investigation report:

The house where this took place was designed with huge windows and was situated on 20 acres. The witness's bedroom had two windows, one of which faced the back yard and the other window was situated 5 feet off the ground and about 18 inches away from a back deck. The deck near the window had a railing and gate. So if someone was to try to look in while standing on the deck, he or she would have to lean over a gate in order to do so. The witness said he always closed the blinds on the window that faced the back yard, but didn't bother on his other window. The house also had a yard light off the garage that illuminated the area.

On the morning of the sighting, the witness woke with a start and immediately looked toward the window in question. He saw the outline of a head, with what looked like "messy hair" coming out of it. The figure was slightly backlit by the garage light. Whatever was looking through the window ran off the deck, around the house and into the woods. The witness said it seemed to be running faster than what would be humanly possible.

The witness said to me several times that he didn't think it possible for a sasquatch to be on Hartstene Island because he couldn't see a way for this type of animal to get on an island. There are reports of sasquatches swimming in both fresh and saltwater. Recommended reading would be Raincoast Sasquatch by J. Robert Alley where the strong swimming ability of sasquatches is documented. Witnesses who've seen a swimming sasquatch say that they tend to swim, frog-like underwater as is documented in
Report #7382

The witness's father had other stories from rural Mason County. As a logger, occasionally some of his extremely heavy equipment would be unexplainably moved overnight.

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