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Report # 8197  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 7, 2004.
Hartstene Island homeowners find footprints and hear strange vocalizations
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Mason County

LOCATION DETAILS: I do not want the location posted because I moved there for privacy and just dont want people there. The directions are go to Harstine Island out of Shelton. *Edited*



OBSERVED: I am having a house built and I had the drain field all dug up for the septic system installation. I was walking around in the dug up area just checking things out and looking for more remains that belonged to the deer skull we found when digging. I found some big tracks in the dirt. The dirt was loose in places but I still barely made a print with my shoes. The prints were pretty big and I only found a few. Maybe three to be exact. They looked like a human print with a big toe and smaller toes and shaped just like human. I took some pictures of the prints but I made the mistake of not putting something next to the print to gauge its size. I donít think anyone would have walked out there barefoot and if they had, they had some tremendous feet. The tracks had to be 14 inches long. The pics arenít great because it had rained before I took them. But you can still make out the print.

ALSO NOTICED: Just feel uneasy at night when I go outside. Hair standing up on back of neck. Maybe just me thinking about my resident sasquatch.

OTHER WITNESSES: No one else was there. I was just checking on work progress and looking for old bones that went with deer skull.

OTHER STORIES: I read a story on your website about a siting on the Island. I know exactly where that siting took place. Also there is alot of activity in the Olympic Mountains just a few miles away.

This is a second report that the homeowners submitted in April 2004:
I filled out a report a couple of months ago and recently my wife and I heard a strange noise on 2 seperate occasions. Mine happened about 3 weeks ago when we were getting ready to go to work. we commute together and we leave the house about 3o'clock in the morning. She was already in the truck and I locked the house up and was going around the back of the truck, which was already running to warm it up, when I heard what sounded like a really loud scream similar to the ones I have heard on your site. I heard it over the running truck. The noise sounded far away but it was still very loud. Kind of sinister sounding. Im a little hard of hearing from my job, but I heard this real well.

Just the other day I stayed home from work and my wife went by herself. Once again about 3 in the morning she heard a noise when going to her car. It wasnt running so I assume she heard it well. The noise was different though. She said that it sounded like someone talking or kind of mumbling. Not words but just a background talking kind of noise. There is noone around our house, especially at that hour. She thought to herself, oh great, Im going to see bigfoot before my husband does. She just jumped in her car and left.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: I found the tracks sometime in the morning and it was an overcast day. It had rained the night before.

ENVIRONMENT: Clearing for house construction. Around clearing is alot of alder and douglas fir and lots of ground cover, salal. Woods are very thick and hard to see into. back of property borders to *edited* forest. After that it is the Puget Sound.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with both homeowners. Some details to add to the vocalization incidents are that the husband heard a 2 second loud, high pitched scream that sounded like it originated within the woods that start about 300 feet away from their home.

The second vocalization heard by the wife was that of mumblings. She said it sounded like more than one individual talking and she described it as when you're camping and can hear your neighbors talking but cannot make out words. This incident scared her because the noise was emanating from the woods at 3 in the morning.

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