2015 Wisconsin BFRO Expedition

If you were to ask around among rural people in remote parts northern Wisconsin MOST of them would tell you they know someone personally who has either seen or heard a bigfoot at some point in the past. It's nothing new for this state. Last year the Wisconsin state tourism web site posted an article about sighting hotspots in the northwoods of the state. See article "Wisconsin Bigfoot Hotspots."

Winconsin BFRO organizers Jen and Larry Dopke investigate bigfoot sighting reports in the northwoods of Wisconsin. They've taken several small groups to particular areas which led to several Class A encounters. In 2014 Larry and Jen led a large, well organized BFRO expedition wherein most particpants where able to hear sasquatch vocalizations. For 2015 say they'll be going to a new area where they expect sasquatches to be habitating in August.

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All you'll see in the photos below, the woods of northern Wisconsin are super squatchy and gorgeous, and nothing to scoff at.











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