Oregon Coast Mts Bigfoot Expedition 2019

Dates : July 25th (Thursday) to July 28th (Sunday)
Where:  Northwest part of the state, between Portland and Tillamook.

Russ Lockrem and  Barbara Olvera will lead an expedition to virgin hot spot in Oregon coastal mountains where a Bigfoot (assumably the same one) has been spotted several times by campers and horseback riders. This Bigfoot may be intentionally exposing itself to humans.

No Bigfoot expedition has ever occurred here in the past. It's a "virgin" Bigfoot spot because no vocals or knocks have been ever been done there. There are various factors and circumstancs pointing to relatively good odds for audio recordings on this trip, or thereafter at this same spot.

This expedition will be your final opportunity in Oregon in 2019 if you'd like to become a member of the BFRO.

If you are interested in attending please read through the Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions for registering.