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Report # 55413  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, August 18, 2016.
Early morning sighting behind a home near Cape May
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YEAR: 2016

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 18th

STATE: New Jersey

COUNTY: Cape May County

LOCATION DETAILS: Do not post this information please!


OBSERVED: My wife took our dogs outside this morning like she always does around 6:30am. She was standing on the deck and the dogs were in the fences in yard. She heard an odd unfamiliar creepy moan sound and she was still blurry from just waking up, she swears it was a really big black thing. It walked out from behind one tree into or behind a brush area where she couldn't see it. It was then silent and she couldn't see it. She said it was big like a horse but not a horse.
Listen, my wife isn't the type to believe in any of this. But she is freaked out. She brought the dogs in, locked the door and closed the curtains. She is really spooked. It's very unlike her. She said it was one moan then a short little one. A sound she never head before. It was maybe 40-50 feet from our backyard fence. That is very dense and wooded for many acres. I went into that area about 30 minutes later and didn't see anything, couldn't spot prints or anything.
Two years ago I was on the deck also letting the dogs out in the winter time and when the wind blew I caught a wiff of a very strong foul odor like a wet animal or something but I had no idea what it was.


OTHER WITNESSES: 1. Just happen to walk outside to let the dogs out.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning while raining lightly.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is many acres of Forrest but surrounded by marsh Bay Area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Roger Mills:

Witness states she was letting the dogs out and heard a moaning sound on the other side of the fence at her back yard. She looked up and saw a large black hairy creature (about 7' tall) walking parallel to the fence and it made another short grunt sound. Observation was about 4 seconds and creature disappeared into the woods. When performing a walk down/recreation of the creatures movements, the creature walked directly towards an existing path in the woods. The witness states the creature was a little over a foot taller than me, black and hairy. She observed the creature from its side and could not recall facial details.

They live at the end of a road and the entire area past their house is posted with no trespassing signs. Area is heavily wooded and contains marsh areas. Deer, Turkey, and Turtles along with numerous other small animals were observed in the area. A trail-cam was used in two locations for two weeks. A small animal and a deer were the only pictures captured. I walked down the surrounding area and did not identify any footprints, structures, or bedding areas. No additional evidence was able to be collected during this investigation.

About BFRO Investigator Roger Mills:

Member of BRFO Expeditions since 2015 - NJ North and South
BS - Industrial Technology; MS - Technology
Works at Nuclear Plant in QA Department
Retired from U.S. Navy

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