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Report # 5172  (Class A)
Submitted by witness no on Sunday, October 27, 2002.
Multi-witness road-crossing sighting outside Fort St.John
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YEAR: 1965


MONTH: October

DATE: Oct.1965

PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: Alaska highway (97) at approximately Mile 91 reference point marker.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 97 Alaska Highway

OBSERVED: In 1965 My family was moving from mile 101 on the Alaska highway to Fort St. John BC (mile 42) it was around 6:30pm when we were headed up and around a curve in the highway (mile 91) and a large figure crossed in front of my Father's pickup. My older brother and I were in the back of the camper looking through the window at the road when we saw it. My Father, Mother and younger brother were in the front seat, and they also saw it. When we stopped at mile 73 cafe for pop, We asked our Dad what it was and He said in a nervous laugh that it was a Big Drunken Hairy Indian. We never spoke of it for, yet it would come up several times over the years, We would always laugh it off, and when were younger my brother's and I would refer to it as a werewolf, as about 3 days after the event we watched a movie on CBC, I think it was Lon Chaney as the werewolf.

OTHER WITNESSES: Five, watching the road, counting telephone poles.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: early evening

ENVIRONMENT: Mixed boreal forest, steep slopes along the highway.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Cindy Dosen:

I have personally spoken to this witness,I have found him to credible,and forthright on his recollection of his sighting.
In 1965,around 6:30 p.m. his famliy was traveling down the Alaska Highway going to Fort St.John. At approximately Mile 91 an upright animal, on two legs quickly darted across the road in front of their truck.The witness noted that the animal was taller than the cab of the truck, had blackbrown smoothish hair, a large odd shaped head, had a lingering smell of egg. The father had called the creature "Weetago" in their native tongue Cree, Big hairy man.

About BFRO Investigator Cindy Dosen:

  •  Diploma in Animal Sciences. Working toward Veterinary License
  •  Ex-Breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Dogs)
  •  Work in the Marine Transportation Industry
     (BC Ferries - Supervisor Ship Steward)

Attended/ Organized the following:

  •  2007 BC Van.Island Co-Org.
  •  2008 WA Cascades
  •  2008 WA Oly.Pen.
  •  2008 BC Interior
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