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Report # 41602  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, July 9, 2013.
Group of friends have possible late night interaction in an old rock quarry near Granite Falls
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YEAR: 2013

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 5th

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Snohomish County

LOCATION DETAILS: Mountain Loop Highway, east of Granite Falls, WA.

NEAREST TOWN: Granite Falls, Verlot

NEAREST ROAD: Mountain Loop Hwy.

OBSERVED: Since my sighting up on Pilchuck on August 15th I had been telling people about it, especially my group of church friends. We had been talking about going up since the snow melted and we could get back up to the site. Anyway Friday July 5th we finally got the chance to go up. There was "J.H," "J. McK", "C.C. Jr", "G.C.", "J. Mc", and myself, "R.S". "J" brought his Night Vision Goggles. None of them had a vehicle that could actually get to the site as I had before so we parked off the main road and decided to hike up the road and see how far we could get. So we eventually got to about a quarter up the road and my legs started hurting, I am a bit over weight so I had to stop and rest because the group was so excited and intrigued by what we may find/ see that they wanted to get to where I saw my huge sighting last summer. So after being stopped for about 5 minutes I suggested to "J", who had brought a wooden broom handle, to do 6 tree knocks because there were 6 of us there. So we waited silently for about 2-3 minutes and we got a low sound of one knock from what sounded like 20 or so feet off the right hand side of the road, if we would not have been quiet we would have missed it. Then we all turned to focus on that side of the road and saw 2 sets of eye shine, one a silver bluish color and the other orange. The orange one's eyes where almost on top of each other as if it was leaning up against the tree or something or turned its head in a question like manner. Then the group decided I should try to call out to them so I decided to try some whoops. I turned my back toward them just in case they could actually see me so I could make it sound as if it came from the opposite side of the road and let out a series of about 6-8 whoops each last about 5-10 seconds in length of variant volumes then ended with a loud one that lasted about 8 seconds. After about 15 seconds or so we heard a low grumble type sound, not quite a growl but very guttural. Then a short (about 4-6 second) low whoop. By now it was about 30 minutes of us staying at this site and "J" and I started to get very scared of something on the road ahead of us not sure how far up the road. Eventually we started to see a very bright pair of the silver bluish eye shine up in the trees moving around, we though it was a young one. All this time the 2 off to the right side of the road were still there. There is a shallow slope on that side of the road that was some where between 3-4 feet to the height of the road then they came to about our eye height so I am guessing that they were somewhere between 7 and 8 feet tall. After 45 minutes we decided to turn back to the quarry/ gravel pit. When we were almost there we heard a low moaning sound that they do, come from the left side of the road which in this area is a hill and goes up from the road about 15- 20 feet. So we stopped and they asked me to try to imitate that sound. I tried my best but it sounded to much like a moo. Anyway I then asked "J" to do another round of tree knocks. No response this time so we carried on back to the quarry area. I then heard some rustling in the grass from within this open area, I asked for the NVGs and as I searched the area I saw one walking in the grass. Once it noticed that we had seen it it hunkered down and moved back into the grass. I passed the NVGs to "J" who had been the most skeptical about the whole thing and wanted to see what I was seeing. Eventually it got passed around so everyone could see it. "J" wanted to push forward and surround it and possibly catch it. I opposed that idea but said lets move in slowly so we could hopefully get a better view of it in the NVGs so we got some where around 10-7 feet from it before we had a rock thrown off to the side of us, I asked for the goggles and when I saw it, it was giving the motion that it wanted us to back off. So we slowly made our way back to the car. The one we saw in the quarry area was about 6-7 feet.

ALSO NOTICED: We heard about 6 whoops the entire time, a total of 4 knocks, 1 howl/ moan.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were 6 of us. We were all at my house hanging out in Lake Stevens/ Granite Falls area. Prior to this I was playing Minecraft, most of the guys were at work a few hours before actually going up.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, but I reported it last year after coming home from the mountains. I was with other people as well.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Between 10:30/45pm -12am

ENVIRONMENT: This occurred in a pine forest on the south side of Mountain Loop Highway.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Robert Parker:

I have been in contact with this gentlemen since his first report, #36318 in 2012, and have made many visits to this location in the interim.

After my initial contact with "R.S." regarding this report, it took several months for him to be able to gather the same group of friends/witnesses at the location for interview purposes. Our meeting occurred on October 19th, 2013. Unfortunately, the person who owned the night-vision goggles was unable to attend or send the goggles for attempts at recreating the sighting.
Nonetheless, the other three witnesses were able to relate the story with minor discrepancies or differences of opinion, mostly around who heard what, first.

The sighting happened in an old rock quarry that is now commonly used for target-shooting, which is surrounded by forest and bordered on the north side by an unimproved (rough) graveled road that bends around to WSW.

At the time of the sighting, R.S. had the NV goggles and was scanning the quarry. At roughly 30 feet from him, he saw a human shaped figure starting to rise up from a squatting position from behind a small rock outcropping. The figure was facing R.S. and apparently realized it could be seen. When R.S. passed the goggles to "J", he saw the figure now in a crouching posture. R.S. demonstrated the motions and positioning for me.

The figure was described as human-like but with greater bulk and 6' or slightly more in height. All of the group was present and accounted for, ruling out one of them playing a prank.

Because the access road bends around to the WSW, you soon lose sight of the quarry and within 100 yards up this road, there was a visible path of trodden bush heading diagonally from the road and ENE back to the quarry perimeter where the figure was observed.

Although this group never saw another vehicle or encountered any other people that night, I can't rule-out that some person may have used that path to approach unobserved. I would consider it odd that if the "visitor" was a person, that they didn't make any effort at verbal communication with the group.

As to the eye-shine mentioned in this report and also in Report 36318, I have found an explanation for most, but not all of it. On only one of my many night forays to this location, my son and I encountered many pairs of blue-white eye-shine. Changing positions and moving toward the lights indicated that when atmospheric conditions are just right, the lights of Seattle and Everett shine through the trees giving that very odd resemblance to eye-shine.

I believe that he witnesses have accurately described what they heard and saw and that they've been very fortunate to have been interacted with on two occasions now, by unknown visitors.

About BFRO Investigator Robert Parker:

Rob is a life-long resident of Washington state, currently residing in Snohomish County. A daylight face-to-face encounter in 1969 started him on the path to discovery and led him to working with John Green, Dick Grover, and others throughout the 1970's, taking reports and conducting investigations. His interest in all things Bigfoot, has been greatly piqued over the last decade by what he believes to be either evolutionary developments or significant behavioral changes from those reported in the 60's and before. His interests are mainly in Washington State where he is attempting to pattern the movements and behaviors of Sasquatch.

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