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Report # 36318  (Class B)
Submitted by witness no on Friday, August 24, 2012.
Group of young men report possible activity while 4-wheeling backroads near Verlot
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 17th ,23

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Snohomish County

LOCATION DETAILS: Omitted per the reporting party's request

NEAREST TOWN: Verlot, Washington

NEAREST ROAD: Mountain Loop Highway

OBSERVED: So after a night of hanging out in Lake Stevens couple friends and my older brother and I decided to go out driving on the Mountain Loop Highway. We had been doing this for about a week. The first time was Friday 17th I had heard some Whoops. Then tonight, Thursday 23 on the same road, National Service Road (edited) I had brought 3 guys and my older brother to the same exact place and we decided to stop a bit and look around, not getting out of the car. I had heard a little bit of Howls and a whoop. At around 10:45 pm I started talking about my first time out there mentioning Eye Shine, then my brother said "Like those ones over there?" WE all look out the window there had to have been at least 8 pairs staring back at us. The driver had mentioned how he had been seeing eye shines for a while by then. One of our passengers was extremely scared which then the driver decided it was better to clear out of there and rethink it. WE are planning on returning on Saturday the 25th night time around 10 pm with video cameras, possibly some night vision equipment, and audio files.

ALSO NOTICED: three howls, one whoop, and set of slow knocks unsure of the number. Ranging between 6-9 feet above ground estimate for incline.

OTHER WITNESSES: At least four maybe five people were witnesses four were passengers and one was the driver

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Both about 11 pm, first night clear. Second patchy overcast, slightly chilly.

ENVIRONMENT: This occurred in a pine forest on the west side of of Mount Philchuck.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Robert Parker:

I contacted the reporting party on 8/25 and after having him recount the events of the past week to me, decided that I needed to look into this further as soon as possible. We agreed to get together at the location on 8/26 and he would have the other members of his group present as well.

I arrived at the meeting place, which was approximately 1 1/2 miles from the encounter area, at a little past 5pm on 8/26. I met with the reporting party and 3 of this friends. Each one independently recalled the events of 8/17 and 8/23 and were in synch with each other. We then drove up the very primitive road to the location where they heard "whoops and tree knocking" on 8/17 and saw 8 pairs of yellow eye shine on 8/23. They all stated that the eye shine was in groups of 2-3 individuals, on both sides of their vehicle and to the front and rear. They also stated that on 8/23 as they were driving out, one of them looked behind the vehicle and noted that they were apparently being followed by a pair of yellow eyes. This lasted for 15-30 seconds.

When they returned to the location on 8/25 they were accompanied by the father of the reporting party. He had joined them to help them recreate the height of the observed eye shine by using a laser level. They determined that the "eyes" they saw on 8/23 ranged from 8' to 10' above the ground. The father did arrive on 8/26 while we were at the location and confirmed to me the excitement the young men had when reporting on the events of 8/17 and his assistance to them on 8/25. They had no further encounters or activity on the 25th.

During my time with them we did hear what sounded like a very distant whoop, whoop right about 7PM. I used a predator call to broadcast a "fawn in distress" call for 10 minutes. Shortly after stopping the call we heard the sounds of something heavy moving fast in the woods toward us but it seemed to stop roughly 100 yards away, out of our sight, and we did not hear it again.

This area has been logged several times over the past 100 years or so with logging and replant having stopped in the 1970's. There are still stands of 1st-cut timber and giant cedar stumps but most of the area is thick replant of trees 10-12" in diameter. There is very little underbrush but there is a heavy ground cover of small, broken limbs. The elevation here is approximately 4,000 ft.

Among the possible food sources evident are skunk cabbage, red huckleberries, salmon berries, Old Man's Beard, deer, and small rodents, including marmots on the higher rock areas.

These are a very pleasant, sincere, and upstanding group of young men. Two of them have extensively hiked and camped throughout this area and have never before seen eye shine or experienced anything unusual.

About BFRO Investigator Robert Parker:

Rob is a life-long resident of Washington state, currently residing in Snohomish County. A daylight face-to-face encounter in 1969 started him on the path to discovery and led him to working with John Green, Dick Grover, and others throughout the 1970's, taking reports and conducting investigations. His interest in all things Bigfoot, has been greatly piqued over the last decade by what he believes to be either evolutionary developments or significant behavioral changes from those reported in the 60's and before. His interests are mainly in Washington State where he is attempting to pattern the movements and behaviors of Sasquatch.

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