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Report # 24147  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, July 11, 2008.
Creature seen at a flooded rock quarry near Hampton
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YEAR: 1969

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 9-1-1969

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Rock Island County

LOCATION DETAILS: the location is now conduminiums and a marina just off route 84 at the north end of Hampton Il.

NEAREST TOWN: it was in Hampton Ill.

NEAREST ROAD: 1st ave north end of town

OBSERVED: I was with a friend,we were going to the quarry to go fishing at night,it was about 9pm,I was walking in the lead down a path to the quarry,the path drops off sharply at the edge of the quarry,about a 15 foot drop,so you have to kind of run down it,there was a small sandy area at the bottom next to the water and a path that went all the way around,the area was surrounded with tall weeds and brush,as I ran down the slope I saw a big hairy thing I can only describe as a tall humanoid covered with long hair(about four inches,reddish brown)it was tall and lankey and kind of reminded me of a basket ball player,it was bent over facing away from me,almost neeling on the ground,I was no more than ten feet away from it and as soon as I saw it I turned around and ran back up the incline scared to death hoping it wasnt following me,as I was comming back up I almost ran into my freind who was just at the edge of the drop off,he asked me what I was doing and I was afraid to tell him what I saw,we then went fishing,and I never spoke of it


OTHER STORIES: none that Im aware of

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 9pm clear no wind warm

ENVIRONMENT: rock quarry next to mississippi river,surrounded by tall weeds and brush

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eric Lester:

I spoke with the witness about what he seen that day, which he remembers like it happened yesterday. He was 17 years old when this occurred, and it 'scared the hell' out of him. They were in this area around dusk, and there was still enough light to see without using a flashlight.

The witness' view was behind and to the right a little. The creature was in a position that resembled a football lineman - bent over with hands and feet touching the ground, but not the knees. The right arm and right foot were more forward than the left arm and foot, respectively. He had the impression it was looking at something and it never looked toward him when he saw it. He did not hear the creature move off after he ran away from it. He described it as lanky and thin, taller than 6 ft - 'a thin, hairy basketball player'. According to the witness, it was too tall and thin, and its arms and legs too long, to be a bear.

His friend seemed to notice he was shaken up about something, but the witness didn't know what to say to him, so he kept quiet. Though he was frightened, he and his friend stayed in that area for another hour or so, and nothing else was noticed that night.

This area is right on the Mississippi River, and at the time of the sighting the reeds and brush along this quarry were around 4-5 ft tall. He has only told this story to one other person, and decided to submit his report after seeing other reports on the BFRO website.

About BFRO Investigator Eric Lester:

Eric Lester is a medical professional and has been investigating possible Sasquatch sightings since 2004.
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