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Report # 18943  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, May 3, 2007.
Possible pre-dawn approach to property outside Winston-Salem
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YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 24

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Davidson County


NEAREST TOWN: Winston-salem

NEAREST ROAD: highway 52

OBSERVED: the morning of april, 24, 2007. it was around 330-345 am. i was getting ready for work. after getting dressed, i took the dog out for his morning walk. it was a very still morning, no wind or any other noises to notice. it was unseasonably cool. the dog always has his normal routine, walk out the door, go to the edge of the driveway and use the bathroom. about the time he was making his way toward the end of the driveway he starts growling towards the treeline in front of the house. i was very attentive to him as he had never done this before. i stood there for about a minute trying to see into the darkness of the trees. as i was starting back to the house with the dog by my side. i heard a bone chilling howl and something that sounded like wood being hit on the trees. the sounds were, or it seemed only a matter of feet away. i quickly turned in the direction that i thought the sounds to be coming from and for a moment thought i caught a glimpse of something standing beside a tall tree along the treeline. i stood there for just a minute, but never noticed any more movement. after going back inside, i finished getting ready for work, went outside, as i was walking to my suv i could here twigs breaking from the footsteps. after getting into my vehicle, i put it into reverse and i could have sworn i saw something huge walk around the fenceline, up the adjoining driveway, around a pond that connects the two properties. at lunch when i returned, i noticed what looked like distured leaves on the ground in the area where i had seen and heard the thing. my dog to this day still will not go to the edge of the driveway without me. the howls sounded just like the ohio howl.

ALSO NOTICED: foul odor, and the disturbance of the leaves that afternoon.

OTHER WITNESSES: just my dog

OTHER STORIES: none that i can recall.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 330-345am. it was a clear morning, very crisp for spring standards in north carolina.

ENVIRONMENT: forest, with pond and creek. very thick forest a little farther down in the valley.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David Pardue:

I interviewed the witness on 5/08/2007

Witness told me that in the early morning hours of 4/24/2007 he was walking his dog as usual. As he approached the end of the driveway his dog started to act like something was wrong. The dog began to bark at something in the woodline next to his home. After a few minutes he thought he saw a large animal standing next to a large tree just inside the treeline. He looked for a moment and then headed back to the house with the dog, which by now was at his side and wanted no part of what was in the woods.

About the time he reached the porch he heard a loud, Ohio type howl. He went inside to get ready for work. When he started out the driveway of his home, he thought he saw, through the pre-dawn darkness, a large dark upright figure walking past the fence that boarders his yard. He has agreed to let me visit him in person for follow up investigation.

About BFRO Investigator David Pardue:

David Pardue lives and works in North Carolina. He worked in forestry for 23 years and now works for a large manufacturer of construction-related machinery. He is a skilled deer hunter, and deer tracker. He was one of the 13 witnesses to the rock-throwing encounter on the October 2006 West Virginia expedition, and is currently helping to organize the 2007 North Carolina expedition.

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