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Report # 15520  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, August 14, 2006.
Possible vocalizations heard periodically over the years outside Lexington
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YEAR: 93-98


DATE: n/a

STATE: North Carolina

COUNTY: Davidson County

LOCATION DETAILS: [Specific directions removed at the request of the witness]


NEAREST ROAD: [Removed that the request of the witness]

OBSERVED: For many years when i was young until I was in my late teens, I lived in a heavily forested area my family owned, around 38 acres. My whole life I had always heard my family (who lived in the same general area and still does) and many neighbors talking about "The Noise". That's all we ever knew it to be. It was a very loud and spine chilling howl.

I heard this myself, usually when I was out hunting, it would be around early evening just starting to get dark, id be walking back to my home to my house when id notice everything would get very quiet, then suddenly it would let out a bone chilling scream that sent me scurrying as quickly as possible to my home. I remember this noise actually frigthened my father who wasnt scared of anything. This sound happened so frequently that when i was in the woods or outside in my yard and i would hear no animals or birds i would actually brace myself and start heading to the house.

I had several animals, horses, dogs and goats, My dogs including the one i deemed my guard dog would all sit in their houses and whimper before and after the scream, My horses would head towards the open pasture or head for the barn and whinny, but this was only after a few seconds of silence. the goats were usually kept in the barn due to there hoodini like escape attempts.

I think the most frightening moment took place when i was in my upstairs bed room closeing my windows up for the night it was late summer going on fall, i cant exactly remember what time but it was probally around 10 at night since i remember my mother going to bed, what made this esspecially disturbing was just as soon as i closed the shade on the last window,it screamed and it sounded like it was right under my window, i ran to my moms room where she was sitting up in bed looking because she had also heard it. We hunted it several times as i grew up and never found anything but it always let us know it was still there, the area has grown up from what it use to be alot more houses than before.

My cousin still lives there and last time i visited i asked him if he still heard it and he said he heard it from time to time but not as much as usual...I should also add that i remember my brother was riding his bike in the woods and swore up and down that after he heard the noise it sounded like it chased him through the woods and kept very good pace with him, the reason i think it is a sasquatch is because i found some known vocalizations on the Internet and ive played it for my family and we all agree it was exactly what we use to hear.

ALSO NOTICED: My grandpa hunted the creature many times before i was even born, infact most of the people who talked to me about it had lived in the area most there lives and were much older than i was at the time, I never actually heard of anyone ever seeing it the only thing i ever saw was eyes about 8 foot off the ground in the middle of what was then a dirt road but they were gone before i even got close, also i heard the howl year round but it frequented the most during the fall and winter

OTHER WITNESSES: Many such as family and neighbors living on the road and in the wooded areas this apparently has happened for many many years

OTHER STORIES: Many neighbors and family had stories of hearing the sound usually if we heard it one night we would ask our friends or family if they heard it too in many cases they had.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It usually occured around early to late evening.

ENVIRONMENT: Very hilly rocky terrain many dried creek beds and a large lake nearby, a very dedicious forest with random thick areas of cedars

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David Pardue:

I Interviewed the witness on 01/25/07 via phone, he stated to me that he and his family has heard over the years vocals that he described as sounding the same as those that he found on BFRO web site. By description it would be the Ohio type of howl -- long and draw out. There has been recent vocals heard and I am looking into it.

About BFRO Investigator David Pardue:

David Pardue lives and works in North Carolina. He worked in forestry for 23 years and now works for a large manufacturer of construction-related machinery. He is a skilled deer hunter, and deer tracker. He was one of the 13 witnesses to the rock-throwing encounter on the October 2006 West Virginia expedition, and is currently helping to organize the 2007 North Carolina expedition.

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