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Report # 15062  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, June 27, 2006.
Possible intimidation in the Pine Barrens
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 13 ,18,25

STATE: New Jersey

COUNTY: Ocean County

LOCATION DETAILS: Edited out at the request of the witness.

NEAREST TOWN: manchester/stafford township


OBSERVED: 2 weeks ago i went into the pine barrons in manchester nj ,deep in forest to shoot a pistol. i left the gun in the car and scoped out the area before i started shooting. i started down a trail and when i turned the corner i heard heavy heavy footsteps run away from me and smell a skunky/homeless person type oder. i looked around area but saw nothing. then i walked in another direction and found a stream or pond. then something threw a rock into the water making a good size splash. i now went back to the truck and got my gun when i went back to the trail. i saw nothing but thought this might be a bigfoot. couldnt stop thinking about it so i went back a couple days later with a bigger gun and an axe. when i got to the spot where this hapened i heard a loud call like choom choom choom choom. this startled me and i cocked the hammer. i then heard footsteps coming tawards me in the thick vegitation. it came within 15 feet away and stopped. i could not see it through the brush. with my gun pointed in its direction it threw a large stick that landed along side of me. i said "hello ?" any body there, but no reply. i almost emptyed the gun into the bush but desided not to because i cuoldnt see the creature. i could smell it ,feel it, here it, and it threw something at me twice! i backed off and walked back to my truck the whole time ready to shoot if it atacked me.when i reached the truck this thing let out another call only much louder and much closer choom choom many times. a small bird on a tree branch began to act crazy. i took this warning and left. this sunday i went back with food, i took food to the spot where it threw the stick and backed away. then i heard some vocalizeations and got one of them on mini disc recording. sounds kinda like / coo coo kaa kaakaa coo coo ka kakka. went back to the trail to see if food was gone and was met by more stange bird behavior. many birds fleww rapidly out of trail as if some thing scared them out. when i looked down the trail i heard a loud snap of a tree or branch being broken. i backed away and soon after heard some low moans and groans, much too low to be a person. i also smelled the same oder again. this thing has an exeptional abilty to hide. all three times it was very close to me but for some reason i could not see it. i am convinced this is a sasqatch or more than one of them. i can take you or researchers to this place in nj pine barrons. this story is not a hoax and i dont beleive a person would be dumb enough to throw sticks and rocks at a man with a gun! i saw alot of good size trees (5or6inchdiameter) broken in half.

ALSO NOTICED: i found what look like foot prints but definition is not good in pine needles and sand i took photos of prints


OTHER STORIES: no every one i tell thinks im a nut but i know this was real. and know where this thing lives would like to help you prove it exists

TIME AND CONDITIONS: all three times were early in the mourning.first two were sunny and the 25 was a slightly rainy day

ENVIRONMENT: pine forest

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with this witness in length on numerous occasions. I also visited the location of the encounter with the witness and another researcher on the morning of July 1st 2006. The following observations where made.

Possible knuckles print and tracks where found and photographed, which are attached below. The tracks were not well defined as the forest floor was covered with a thick layer of pine needles. One track measured in at 12" long by 6" wide. There was a row of tracks in the pine needles leading deeper into the forest off of the trail. These tracks had little or no definition, but you could make out the path by the disturbance of the pine needles. The tracks were in a straight line and in my opinion were made by a bipedal animal, not a bear or a deer. Also the distance between each track (the gait) was 4 1/2' to 5'.

At one point I heard a thump that sounded to me like a large rock hitting the sand trail just behind us. I was able to recreate this sound by having one of the participants pick up a rock and toss it.

There were no smells or other noises. The witness did show us some bones of a deer, but nothing distinctively relevant was observed.

After meeting the witness and surveying the location I feel this person did indeed encounter something unusual there. Therefore this is a solid Class B report.

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