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Report # 14802  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, May 31, 2006.
Possible vocalizations heard by camper near Williams Hill Pass in the Shawnee National Forest
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 29

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Saline County

LOCATION DETAILS: We were in the most remote camp site at Williams Hill Pass, which is the first one nearest the entrance. The park is bordered by a National Forest, the name of which eludes me at the moment. It may be the Shawnee National Forest.

NEAREST TOWN: Mitchellville


OBSERVED: I am writing this report on behalf of my girlfriend. Although we were both together on this camping trip, I unfortunately was alseep and did not hear a thing. I have questioned her extensively and replayed the Ohio Howls for her, which she says is a very close match.

We had decided to take the kids camping at Williams Hill Pass OHV park. It is a rather large campground, over 200 acres with only 15 or so camp sites. It is primarily for ATV trail riding. We stayed over Memorial Day weekend, arriving Saturday afternoon. The weekend was uneventful. All the other campers left by Monday afternoon and we had the entire park to ourselves. When I awoke Tuesday morning around 7am, my girlfriend says I heard something weird this morning. She said it sounded like one of your Bigfoot recordings. She went on to say that she had gotten up around 4.30am, unable to sleep (it was rather hot and humid all weekend). While stoking the fire she heard a howl off in the distance which imediately invoked the barking of several dogs off in the distance. She described the sound as being distant yet loud as if amplified, to use her word. It continued for about 3-4 mins. When questioned as to whether it was just one vocalization or several, she advised that to her it sounded like 2 or 3 vocalizations going on in quick succession.

ALSO NOTICED: I took an ATV and headed into the forest in the direction of the sounds but quickly came apon a fence marking the national forest boundry and could not contine. Also worth mentioning, I am an electrical engineer and research scientist and my girlfriend works for a local police department.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself, my girlfriend and our 3 kids were camping, however my girlfriend was the only one who heard it. Our dog, a rott/standard poodle mix, also heard it. He was walking around the campsite and stopped in his tracks and looked towards the direction of the sounds.

OTHER STORIES: No, we are from the Troy, MO. area which is about 200 miles away.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning, approximately 5am

ENVIRONMENT: Heavily wooded deciduous forest.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eric Lester:

I spoke with Paul, the witness' husband, about the vocalizations heard. The witness was awake early on the morning of May 30th because of trouble sleeping, and at about 5 AM heard what was described as a series of vocalizations lasting 3-4 minutes. The vocalizations were in succession to each other, and it sounded like there could have been more then one occurring at the same time. They resembled the Ohio howl found on the BFRO website. After being told about what was heard, the witness' husband proceeded to take his ATV in the direction of the howls, but eventually came to a fence and had to stop. The campsite was relatively deserted at this time. Throughout the weekend prior, there was much activity going on, both day and night. Nothing was heard during this time. No other animals were heard to compare the howls to. Also, no other signs were noticed during their stay at the campsite.

About BFRO Investigator Eric Lester:

Eric Lester is a medical professional and has been investigating possible Sasquatch sightings since 2004.
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