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Report # 14144  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, March 18, 2006.
Night time sighting by motorists on Highway 512 near Elwood (passenger's observation)
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YEAR: 1987


MONTH: October

DATE: 10

STATE: Mississippi

COUNTY: Clarke County

LOCATION DETAILS: I am not sure about this. My roommate was driving and knew the area well. I am not exactly sure where we were at on HWY 512

NEAREST TOWN: Elwood, Mississippi


OBSERVED: In 1987 as my college roommate and I were on our way home from a football game I saw a large humanoid creature that was covered with hair cross the road in front of us then stopped to look at us as we drove by.

When I first saw the creature it was walking across the road. By the time we got to it, it was on the side of the road and appeared to turn its head toward the car and look at us. We drove past it and continued on down the road. We were very frightened and drove on to my roommates mom's house where we woke her up and told her.

The creature appeared to be at least 7 feet tall, humanoid and completely covered in brown hair. It walked upright and straight on two legs. Its body was stocky or muscular in appearance. I do not remember many facial features as the face was obscured by some hair. The hair appeared straight.

I have lived in rural areas almost my whole life and I am very familiar with the appearance of animals on the road at night and what they look like. I can say with complete confidence that what I saw was not an ordinary animal.


OTHER WITNESSES: My roommate was the only witness besides me. Before the incident we were just traveling to her mom's house.

OTHER STORIES: I have only heard second hand tales that my roommate has passed along to me through the years. Can't recall specific stories but I do remember she mentioned that she had heard others in that area having sightings.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was late at night, I think around midnight. It was dark with only the car lights illumination. I do not recall what the weather was like.

ENVIRONMENT: A rural area with trees on both sides of the road.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator John G. Callender:

I spoke with the witness for approximately thirty minutes about her experience. She spent thirty years of her life growing up in South Mississippi and she is employed as a nurse. The first thing she saw was a “creature in the road” that was “traveling from the middle of the road to the left side of the road”. When she first spotted the animal, it was already in the process of walking across the road. She said it definitely turned to look at them after it completed the road crossing. She said the first thing she thought was that she was looking at a bigfoot.

She estimates it was at least seven feet tall, or at least “taller than any person I've ever seen”. The closest point she came to the animal was 20 - 25 feet. The duration of the observation at that close range was about five seconds.

It was medium-brown in color. She emphasized that it was not black or dark brown. She could not estimate the length of the hair. Rather, she said it was “matted, almost like dreadlocks”. She went on to say that the hair on the top half of the body was “matted all over”, but she was not able to see the lower part of until it was further away. Hence, she is not sure if the hair on the lower part was matted as well. It did have a “very muscular build”, which led her to assume that it was male.

She could not discern the details of the face, except that the eyes were dark. She did not smell anything unusual.

Please refer to Report #13918, which is the driver's observation in Report #13918.

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About BFRO Investigator John G. Callender:

John Callender hails from Mississippi where he received a BA degree in Accounting from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). He spent 26 years in the Seattle area flying for a major airline before retiring and relocating to Middle Tennessee in 2017. John quickly found that he missed flying and he’s now on his second career as a pilot for a major airline. He has done extensive field work in the Pacific Northwest, as well as Mississippi and he has attended the following expeditions: WA - Oly Pen (Aug. '04); New Mexico (Jicarilla Apache SEP '04); WA - Oly Pen (October '04); CA - Redwoods (May '05); WA -Oly Pen -3, (AUG '05 ); WA Cascades Expedition (AUG '06); Central Oregon Expedition (JUNE '07), BC, Vancouver Island Expedition (SEPT 2007), WA Cascades Expedition (June '09), 2009 Washington Olympic Peninsula Expedition.

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