DHS Squirrel

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[Frame 72 of the Patterson footage, showing a retreating, adult female sasquatch, in Bluff Creek, Northern California in 1967]

[Eyewitness sketch of a
young female saquatch observed
on Mica Mountain, British
Columbia, Canada in 1955]

The BFRO has identified many potential habitat zones after collecting thousands of sighting reports for more than 10 years. The expeditions target these habitat zones.

Commonly Asked Question: Has anyone ever seen a bigfoot on these expeditions??

The Answer: Yes.

There have been well over 1,000 attendees, collectively, so far.

More than half that number now consider themselves Class B witnesses (They were close enough to hear them).

A least 35 of these people had a Class A sighting.

A "Class A sighting" is a clear sighting -- either in daylight, or under artificial illumination, or in moonlight, or with visual aids such as nightvision scopes or thermal scopes.

A Class A sighting is clear enough to rule out misinterpretation. The only three explanations for a Class A : 1) a real bigfoot, 2) a man in a convincing bigfoot costume, or 3) the witness is lying.

If the report is posted publicly on the web site, then we feel the witness is credible and not lying about the sighting claim.

Class B visual sightings are those which occur in poor lighting conditions, or at a dist