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Report # 9231  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, August 26, 2004.
Hunter hears unknown vocalization in the distance, south of Lost Lake in the Norse Peak Wilderness
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YEAR: 2002


MONTH: September

DATE: 12

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Pierce County

LOCATION DETAILS: 1 mile south of lost lake in the Norse Peak Wilderness.

NEAREST ROAD: forest service 97 rd.

OBSERVED: During the middle of the night I started hearing vocalizations that I was not able to identify. At first I thought it might be a screech owl. Although the call was notable different. Over a one hour period I heard several calls from two different sources. At about 2 I heard something moving outside my tent. Using a large mag lite I looked out from inside my tent to see a large human like figure about 20 yards from the tent. It looked very large and dark colored. As soon as I turned the light on it the creature turned and ran back into the brush. I then took all four of my flashlights out and spent the rest of the evening sitting up with a single light on at a time until sun rise.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2:00 am in the morning.

ENVIRONMENT: Subalpine fir and lodge pole pine, near a small spring feed lake.

Follow-up investigation report:

Witness was on a hunting trip at the time. There was another person with him the night before but had left that day and he was alone at the time of the sound and visit later that night.

He was unsure about the time. He never keeps track of it when out and had guessed it was after midnight when the first sound woke him from his sleep. First vocalization was not near him from what he could tell and when the second sound was heard it also did not appear to be anywhere near him. He eventually fell back to sleep and later was awakened by something.

His best guess was that it came in about two hours later. He was sound asleep and thought he was in an earthquake. The shaking of his tent woke him from his deep slumber and as he snapped out of his dream the movement stopped. As he gained his senses he noticed that the back side of his tent had been lifted and tent stakes must have been pulled from the ground, and noticed a shadow walk by the tent.

Witness usually packs extra flashlights with him, had a total of five on this trip. He then turned on all the lights and put them in each corner of the tent. They remained on until sunrise the next morning. He packed up his camp and then left the next morning. He has been back to the area and does not let the incident bother him too much while out in the forest.

Are you sure about what you heard that night?
“I have heard cougars scream, had one scream within 150 yards of me and this was no cougar.”

Did you have any kind of weapon with you?
“I carry a .40 cal. Smith & Wesson.”

Did you feel threatened?
“No, but I had my gun with me... Don't get me wrong; I would not have shot at it. I didn't know if it was a group of kids playing around with me. I was not going to take the chance of hurting or killing something that I did not know what it was.”

The next day when you were packing up, did you feel like you were being watched?
“No, but was still trying to get the night out of my head that I just wanted to get out of there.”

"I will not be out longer then I have to".
What do you mean?
“I will try to get out of the woods before it gets dark, if I stay out extended days, I will either have someone with me or a dog. If possible, I will get out of the forest before nightfall on day trips.”

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