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Report # 8730  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, May 24, 2004.
Family hears a howl while camping in the front yard
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YEAR: mid 1980's

SEASON: Summer

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: King County


OBSERVED: We've been reading your reports for a long time now and decided we needed to tell our story. My husband and I live in rural Snoqualmie Valley only 3 1/2 miles from the town of Duvall.

One night, while camping in our front yard, we were startled by a very loud moaning sound that came from up the hill from us. It was about 12:30 AM when we first started hearing the moans. All of us had the hair on the backs of our necks (and everywhere else) standing straight up because of the frightening sounds we were hearing. This kept up for quite a while until we all decided we'd sleep better if we went indoors. I think if we had thought it was a Bigfoot, we would have run inside the house immediately. One person we told about what we heard said it was probably the neighbor butchering hogs! I'm no expert, but I don't think anyone in their right mind would want to wake up all the neighbors by butchering their hogs after midnight. Besides, it didn't sound like anything we had ever heard before. We all thought--if ever you were going to make a movie about ghosts wailing--this would be the perfect sound!

On 2 other occasions within a few weeks of this first incident, my husband heard the same loud moaning through the woods at night.

Years later one of my step daughters and I had watched a TV program called Northwest Afternoon. That day they had played a Bigfoot moaning and it sounded just like what we heard! Both my stepdaughter and I had talked to each other after watching the program and we both agreed it was the same sound we had heard years earlier.

ALSO NOTICED: One other incident happened in the summer of 1986. My husband and our neighbor were taking the garbage out to the end of our road. It's more than 700 feet to where we need to take our garbage so the garbage company will pick it up. At that time we had a vapor light that gave enough light to see to the top of our short driveway. Once they got to the top of the hill, they couldn't see a thing because it was so dark outside. As they were walking together (carrying the can), they heard loud footsteps following them in the nearby bushes. When they would stop, it would stop and take one more step. They started up again and it started up walking beside them making very loud crunching steps. They stopped again and it would stop by taking one more step than they did. My husband called "George is that you? thinking it was our neighbor, but got no answer. They then decided to put the can down and run for home!

OTHER WITNESSES: There were 4 of us. My husband, and I and my two step daughters.

OTHER STORIES: We've heard of other incidents in our area. We don't live far from the Cascade foothills where it would be easy to see that it could sustain a large population of these creatures.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a very nice summer night. The weather was great! There wasn't any wind blowing so the night air was very quiet.

ENVIRONMENT: This incident happened at our house. We have plenty of Evergreens around us. We live on 5 heavily treed acres.

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