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Report # 8407  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, March 29, 2004.
While watching TV at night, teen has sighting through window in Spanaway
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YEAR: 1970


MONTH: October

DATE: unknown

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Pierce County


OBSERVED: It was October,1970. I was 14 yrs. old. My parents had bought a home on 224th. At that time, our home sat on 5 acres of heavily treed acres. There was a lot of dense brush, trees, and virgin wooded areas every where including 40 acres of virgin,untouched forest directly across from us on the other side of 224th street. When we first moved there in 1962; My whole family walked out to the forest across the street that I just mentioned and there was dense moss that covered the entire forest floor. In the moss were huge footprints twice the size of a man. There was a distinct musky smell throughout the whole area. I have been around all types of farm animals and had never experienced an odor like this. My father passed it off to my other brothers and sisters that someone was just trying to play a trick. The only thing was is that no one ever went out there. We soon discovered that at the back of our five acre home was a bog as my sister and I had begged to have horses. We soon began to experience weird screams from the back of the property every evening around sunset. On the date I gave in the beginning, I was watching F-Troop(a TV) show with my chair tilted back against a large picture window facing 224th street. My father was in the back yard working and sisters in the kitchen and I was alone. I glanced outside as I was watching TV, and saw this appromitely 7ft. tall grey man-like creature staring at me. It was not more than 5 ft. away from me as it was immediately on the other side of the picture window. Realizing that I just saw something; I turned back around and it was just standing there staring at me. It's eyes were dark and was slightly glowing red.(it was almost dark) It's arms were massive and came down to slightly below the knees. It was all grey in color with black and brown hairs here and there on it's body. I could see it's breathing. It's chest was rising and falling and steam was shooting out it's nose. It could have just reached out and broke that picture window easily from where it was standing and killed me too. I was frozen with fear and had to mentally get the strength to jump out of my chair all the time wondering if it was going to kill me.There was a light dusting of snow on the ground,so even though it was almost dark; the snow caused enough light so I could see every detail about this creature. I noticed that there was long hair smoothly covering it's whole face down slightly past it's jaws. There was no visual evidence of a neck at all. It looked like a massive head sitting on massive shoulders. It's chest and trunk looked large enought to fit two good size men side by side. It's nose and mouth were also covered in this long hair so I could only see where they came out of it's face. It just stood there still staring at me right in the eyes like it was looking right through me. I was so scared that I couldn't talk or scream for help to my mother and sisters in the next room. I was finally able to jump out of my chair and run to the kitchen to tell them what had just taken place. When I turned around;It was gone and I was too afraid to go outside to look for prints. The next day,my mother went out to look for a print,but all that was left was a muddy smear from melting snow. That summer(1971),maybe June I'm thinking, I was sitting on the floor of a bedroom facing the back of the property and not toward the street. It was a saturday and my sister was also sitting indian style on the floor,but she had her back to the two large windows that were on each corner of the house facing into that same bedroom. It was approximately 11:00A.M. and sunny.We were playing with paper dolls and I just looked up for a minute to see a grey man-like creature run past the first window,around the corner of the house past the second window on the other side of the bedroom toward the front of the house facing 224th. This one was considerably smaller;maybe 5ft. in height. I thought it was a youngster. Once again, I could hardly beleive I had just seen another one these creatures that was also grey. It was terribly frightning to see something like this never knowing that something like this existed. At that tine, there had been no sightings so I had not even a clue as to what I had even really seen! I began going to my school libray in secret because my family did not beleive me. When I finally found a book on the Yeti(the only book they had on the subject), and opened to a sketch of it;It was then I realized that I had seen something very like the sketch. During the next 25 years, our family and neighbors have experienced unexplained screams, permeating foul odors around that house at night;our horses being so frightened by something at night that they would run through barbed wire fences;to being followed by something as I was walking through the same dense woods at about midnight(I had snuck out of the house to meet a neightbor)and on the way back to stay in the next door neighbor's camping trailer in their back yard(it was fenced), something big followed me throught some densly treed area through my back yard and over a 3ft. fence to the camping trailer. Within just a split second after I jumped in and locked the camper door;something started pushing the trailer back and forth so badly that I thought it was going to be pushed over. That went on for about 30 seconds and then everything went quiet. I could hear the neighbor's dog barking but their parents never came to investigate. The neighbor girl and my sister were also in the trailer so we were all screaming! It was a very frightening night for us all. We have heard screams in the summer that brought us and the neighbors out in the night thinking that a woman was being raped in the woods across the street at night. Our family exerienced something that came up to the house at night in 1975 and picked up 1 1/2 cords of split wood and threw it as far as 100 yards away! We called the police and they went out there in back of our house to investigate. Those guys were back at our door in about five minutes.They said they had found some weird tracks that didn't look like it belonged to a bear. They were scared and told us to lock the doors and don't go outside for any reason and to call them if we needed them.The neighbors setting back on a hill next to that same house experienced something walking around her house at night also.I think they are still there.I now live in Auburn past the Casino on tribal land. About 3 months ago,our neighbor was walking home from school and saw a 20 ft. tree being shaken and she said something was screaming. The tree is about 200 ft. from the fence that seperates the forest and our mobile park.There is a river and dense forest and some old growth forest directly on the side and behind this mobile park.My son is 10 yrs. old and has been hearing weird screams early in the morning when he plays basketball. The sounds are coming from the direction of the forest. This morning,March 29,2004;I was up early and opened a bathroom window and happen to hear four distinct high pitched calls or screams that I have not heard before ,but were described and audibly demonstrated on the TV show Mysterious Encounters ;A cable channel show that I watch now every wednesday evening. It was the exact same sound. I know these creatures are real! I will never forget what I saw as long as I live and I think there are more of them around than we realize. Im looking forward to evidence that will prove these creaaatures really do exist.Thank you for reading my experiences! It took a long time for me to finally tell someone.

ALSO NOTICED: I'm unsure of the year, but my mother experienced something come up to her and my father's bedroom window when it was open on a hot summer night. I remember she told me it had a horrible stench. She was afraid to look out the window so she didn't see it. There was another incident when my father was alive and we were still at home as kids. It was in April,I think and at night and suddenly the whole house became permeated with a horrible stench from outside.It completely filled the air in the house.You could hardly breath. My father got one of his guns and opened up a window, put the gun out the window and shot a couple of rounds thinking what ever it was would be frightened away. You could see my dad was really scared. So were all of us. I was crying ot of fear.

OTHER WITNESSES: I had seemed to be the only witness to the first mentioned incident although I remember a car screeching to the stop and then accelerated quickly. My sister and a neighbor and my whole family were witnesses to the other incidents.

OTHER STORIES: Over the years from1970 to 1979'my parents would here stories of people seeing Sasquatch up and down 224th for 3or4 miles crossing the road or in someone's yard.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 4:00p.m. It was cold;about 35 degrees and had snowed and starting to melt.

ENVIRONMENT: The incident occured right in front of that house where a picture window looks out aboout 35ft. from the road(224th street east)

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