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Report # 8339  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 21, 2004.
Couple has sighting of something standing on a gravel road
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YEAR: 1990-1991

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Skamania County

LOCATION DETAILS: if you can find a topo map, look for a more established road on a slight incline, bending to left, with a less established road (logging?) going straight at apex of bend, and slightly dropping in elevation. Well wooded. Cannot remember any other road details

NEAREST TOWN: Iron Creek Campground

NEAREST ROAD: Campground roads

OBSERVED: My wife (now-ex) and I were camping at Iron Creek campground, mid summer, and decided to go for a drive. The exact area cannot be remembered at this time, but it was a couple hours before dark approx 6:30-7:00 P.M., and we were traveling down a dirt road, that inclined and turned slightly to the left, and there was a branch (logging) road that dropped slightly down and to the right as the main road went left. As we were traveling about 25 MPH, i glanced down the side road, and about 75 feet down the logging road, in the middle of that road was an erect standing creature, approximately 6.5 to 7 feet tall. Dark brown, almost black. I did not slow or stop, mostly because I was only armed with a .380 cal auto, and driving a compact mazda 626. Not too much of a defensive position to take. It was clear outside, comfortable 70-75 degrees, and no rain for days prior. As we went further, we couldn't really understand what was seen. And by the time we processed what we saw, we decided to just keep moving.

ALSO NOTICED: none noted

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 ex-spouse

OTHER STORIES: none known

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear, 2 hrs before dusk. No previous rain, not much of a breeze. Overall comfortable and sunny

ENVIRONMENT: Well established Evergreen and Deciduous Forest with steep rolling terrain

Follow-up investigation report:

Had a long discussion with witness about his sighting that day and this is what was relayed.

They had decided to go for a drive away from the campground, he and his wife, now divorced, were unfamiliar with the road system and saw a loop road that would bring them back to the camping area.

While he was driving he looked to his right out the passenger window down one of the roads and noticed a rusty brown colored, two legged object standing in the middle of a graveled road at most 100 feet away. His wife had seen the object standing in the road, and turned to him with the same expression that was on his face. It was clear to him that she had seen the same thing.

They continued down the road, did not stop. He was unsure what subject may have done to them if they had stopped. "What I solidly believe was a bigfoot standing there, but did not know at that time if it would have harmed us if we went back, so we kept going."

You never went back to see if it was still there?
"No, I did not know its intentions."

What was it doing?
"Standing there full profile, right shoulder towards us"

Did attempt to walk away?
"No, it just stood there"

Did it see the vehicle as you drove by?
No, it kept looking towards the way it was facing."

Witnesses stayed at the campground a couple more days without incident. At no time did they go back to find any tracks or other details about what was standing in the road.

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