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Report # 59331  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, April 22, 2018.
Memory told of camping remote and unnerved by repeated wood knocks in the night near the town of Concrete
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Skagit County

LOCATION DETAILS: Coming from Interstate 5, take HWY 20 East to Concrete, turn right on Concrete-Sauk Valley rd, follow that to Finney Creek Rd. Take right on Finney Creek Rd and follow that to Rd 18 and turn left up Rd 18. this is the split in the road that will take you to Darrington. The first Rd on your right will be Rd 1820. Follow this till it ends. The creek is just a little bit further. Head upstream. Walking in the creek is the easiest way to navigate that area. If you decide to head down stream, be ready for extreme rough going.



OBSERVED: I went camping up Little Deer Creek on Forrest Rd 1820 in Finny Creek area Skagit Valley in 2006. The road ends at the bridge that crosses the creek. I hiked roughly two miles up the creek and camped on a gravel bar. The creek on the North side of me by 20 feet and the large forest of fir and cedar to my south by 75 feet. There was a small stand of alder between me and the forest where I had collected my firewood and materials for my lean-to and bench. Before sun down I caught about seven cutthroat trout out of the pool next to my camp and pan fried them. Shortly after sunset I began to hear what I would describe as an axe handle being struck against a tree in the forest to my south. It would rap out three distinct strikes and then move through the forest and repeat striking at different trees. This went on about an hour and well into pitch black. The forest in that area is as rough as any in the Pacific Northwest and would be terribly dangerous for a man to attempt to navigate in the darkness. About 30 minutes after the end of the tree strikes, I had settled down and was just relaxing when a pine cone came bouncing through my campsite coming from the forest and stopping just short of the creek. The nearest Fir tree was 75 feet from me. At this point I cracked my Scotch and proceeded to calm my nerves. The Next morning I gathered my gear and exited the area.

ALSO NOTICED: I had camped alone and in the open (exposed) close to water and well used game trail. The creek was calm pools filled with trout that could be visually watched at place I camped. To be blunt I was an easy target and no threat to a large animal with night vision. I think my vulnerable state next to the game trail made for intrigue to the animal.


OTHER STORIES: I have heard of stories close to here but nothing I can recall with detail.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Maybe an hour after sunset. Clear warm conditions. Dark as heck in the small valley cut through the steep mountains.

ENVIRONMENT: The terrain is choked out fir and cedar forest with alder and shrubs filling in the areas between the fir and cedar. The creek is sided with steep mountains and clay slides that are undercut with springs and great places to break your legs. Very few open areas. Extremely rough.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Robert Parker:

I interviewed "Jerry" over the phone on May 10th, 2018. He currently lives in Idaho but resided in Sedro Woolley, WA. at the time of this experience.

I am familiar with the location and have explored the area on several occasions. HIs description of the creek and ruggedness of the terrain is quite accurate, although I believe he meant FS Road 1840 and not 1820.
His was the only vehicle parked at the end of the road when he headed upstream to his camping spot.

I believe him to be a knowledgeable outdoorsman and a credible person.

About BFRO Investigator Robert Parker:

Rob is a life-long resident of Washington state, currently residing in Snohomish County. A daylight face-to-face encounter in 1969 started him on the path to discovery and led him to working with John Green, Dick Grover, and others throughout the 1970's, taking reports and conducting investigations. His interest in all things Bigfoot, has been greatly piqued over the last decade by what he believes to be either evolutionary developments or significant behavioral changes from those reported in the 60's and before. His interests are mainly in Washington State where he is attempting to pattern the movements and behaviors of Sasquatch.

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