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Report # 48824  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, May 31, 2015.
Ongoing activity and possible vocalizations recorded near Detroit Metro Airport
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Unknown

DATE: 9/15/2012

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Wayne County


OBSERVED: I have been hearing these howls for 6-7 years now possibly more. At first I thought it was a person. But as I heard it more I realized its not.

Hear it mostly at night after dark , but occasionally during daylight hours. Live not too far from metro airport. Sometimes planes are louder and seem lower than other times. I have noted howls are much increased with heavy plane traffic.

Also seem more active on very hot humid nights.
I have heard what appears to be more than one howling together. But then the coyote all get howling and its hard to tell.

It usually goes like this, apx 1am I will hear several howls like you hear on recording. This gets all the dogs around here barking. Then barking dies down and another howl....dogs barking...and on and on.continues all night increasing just before daybreak. Then quiet mostly with light of day.

I have heard this deep humanish howl alone mostly. And all the years I have been hearing it its the same voice/howl. A few times I heard it with a similar howl but higher pitched.
Occasionally I hear it with coyote. Hard to tell if its howling with coyote. Or if coyote just howl because they hear it. It's always its howl first and usually before it stops the coyote start their yips n howls.

It usually follows a pattern of movement. Comes in from west travels east, hangs out a long time just east of our house then continues on past our house until I cannot hear it , then comes back heading west again passing our house. I know this because I wait till its howls have diminished off to east before I go outside to the barn or what ever I need to do out there after dark.

I have been out in back a distance from house and heard it howl and it sounding like its only feet away. Incredibly loud. And unnerving. But not nearly as unnerving as it is now (then I thought it was possibly a wolf) now that you think it may be a saqsuach. Well that explains a few things.

They say there are no wolves in this area, but I have actually seen a wolf pack chasing deer out of the woods. Happened last fall right across the road. I think the wolves follow the migrating deer herds.

In the winter everything gets quiet. Even with last years mild winter. Have not heard howl since around last Christmas. (2012)

I recorded it because I was not sure what it was. I have heard coyote, wolves and dogs howl but this was different. Must have massive lung capacity to be able to sustain a loud and yodeling howl for as long as it does. Not sure how to feel about this. I think it may have been sleeping in my barn on a few occasions.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Answered above.

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded, fields, rivers.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Sherman:

I received notification that I was going to be sent some possible Sasquatch recordings from a witness in Wayne County. I took this with a healthy dose of skepticism because much of Wayne County is made up of the Detroit Metro area. I live in a suburb of Detroit so any report near me needs extra scrutiny. I received the recordings and was warned that they were taken from a cell phone so the quality was not perfect. The witness stated that they thought there were homeless people living in the barn on the property and they just wanted to know if I could identify the sounds. Initially, the witness had no inclination that the vocals might be created by something other than a human or an animal commonly found in the area.

I listened to the audio. Even from a cell phone recorder these were powerful. They could be a person. They did not sound like any kind of canine. Maybe there were homeless people living in the barn. Homeless people with some lung capacity. Why would a homeless person make noises like that? Wouldn't they want to remain hidden in the barn? I listened to the vocals over and over. With nothing else to go on I had to say that they sounded "human-like" and certainly not dog or coyote. I contacted the witness and we began a long term relationship that has continued to this day.

Here are the vocals. I only made them louder so they were easier to hear from a computer but I did not manipulate them in any way other than to edit them for time. Both recordings went on for over two minutes so I eliminated the dead air. Listen first and then read on to see the corroborative evidence that we later collected.


I looked into the area of the recordings before I contacted the witness again. I found that the area around the property contains three Metroparks that contain the Huron River. A small tributary of the Huron River runs through my yard so this was a pretty interesting thing to discover. The Lower Huron, Willow and Oakwoods Metroparks are not connected but the area in between the parks could be crossed with minimal road interruptions. There are more fields there than one might expect to find and they usually have wooded areas defining the property lines. During daylight hours, animals like deer will stay in the tree line areas and then move to the edges as dusk approaches. When darkness falls they move onto the fields themselves and often enjoy jumping across the roads to keep drivers on their toes. Would it be possible for me to try to move unseen through that area and go from Metropark to Metropark and still end up near the property where the witness recorded the vocals? I decided to test it. I started with Google Maps and a satellite view. It looked possible but not during the day. I found a canal that ran close enough to the property to afford more cover. With that data it looked possible. Then I had to travel to the area and see it with my own eyes. I believe that I could make it unseen at night moving through those areas. The Metroparks are closed and the only fear I would have would be the roads I would have to cross. It was time to talk to the witness. It sounds like a lot of background work but it ended up proving useful.

The witness was very pleasant to talk to. They did not want neighbors to know what was going on so we worked with secrecy in mind. I remember discussing using a vehicle that did not have any Bigfoot stickers on it. The witness stated that they believed something was using their barn, particularly in the winter. They thought that it was homeless people until strange things began to happen and then the howls began. The witness found strange "X" structures made of logs in the woods. They seemed to be placed on trails that were used when out exploring. The witness tore them down thinking that they had been placed by poachers. Later, more were found and new pines trees that the witness had just planted were torn up and pulled from the ground. The witness felt that whoever or whatever had placed the "X" structures killed the pine trees in retaliation for removing the log "X's." Tree structures are used by primates like chimps and apes to mark territory or direction of travel. Some researchers believe that Sasquatch might also use tree structures to clarify territory or otherwise communicate. The tree structures also took the form of branches broken, twisted and/or woven to make interesting designs that would seem difficult for nature and gravity to duplicate.

Every month or so the witness would contact me with something new. One time peacock feathers were appearing on her porch. This sounds a little less spectacular when I found that she kept pet peacocks. But the feathers were ripped apart and possibly chewed then placed somewhere that they would be found. The witness felt that these might be gifts of some kind.

Once, a picture from a bag of cat food was found placed in a chicken wire fence in the barn. The face of the cat had been carefully ripped out and seemed like it was placed there with purpose. The witness thought that maybe the cats were missed as they never went near the barn after the howls started.

Another time the witness believed they had seen something out of the corner of their eye moving behind the garage. It was raining at the time but when the witness returned later possible footprints, a hand print and scuff marks could be seen. The rain came again and washed them away before they could be properly measured but it looked like someone had bent down in the mud and left a footprint and them used their hand to either prop themselves up or push up to stand. The photos appear in the video above. If the cell phone is standard size, the prints are well within the range of a human. Yes, a human in bare feet during a rainstorm--but taken alone, that is not enough evidence. It might add to the cumulative evidence.

The last and most interesting part of the story involves what the witness describes as "Amish people talking." Voices have been heard on the property speaking in a language that is not familiar to the witness. In fact it has been described a sounding like an Amish deaf person. We have tried unsuccessfully to record these sounds. Whenever the witness hears them they are too quiet to be recorded. They have not been heard for at least a year now. This bit of information caught my attention. Because I have heard first hand some gibberish sounding noises. Mine were in central Michigan and sounded like whispers in a dialect I was unfamiliar with. Later I managed to record something similar from that location that was not a whisper and that is available below:


Is there a possibility that a Sasquatch could live twenty or so miles away from Detroit? I have three fawns in my backyard right now and I live in a more urban area than the property where the vocals were recorded. If a deer can live here maybe a more elusive being can live closer to human populations than I had believed. We will keep the location under surveillance and keep you all posted.

About BFRO Investigator Jim Sherman:

Jim is a High School History teacher and Track and Cross Country coach. He attended the Michigan Northern Lower Peninsula Expedition in 2011, the Michigan Upper Peninsula Expedition in 2012, co-organized the Michigan UP 2013 Expedition and attended the 2014 Wisconsin Expedition. He assisted in the production of Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot Michigan episodes (Bigfoot and Wolverines and Super Yooper). He participates in Ironman Triathlons and enjoys fishing and camping with his wife and daughter. Jim can be contacted at and Twitter @shermanbigfoot and his YouTube account is : Lordcryptid

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