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Report # 4808  (Class A)
Submitted by witness G. R. on Tuesday, August 13, 2002.
Road trip pit stop in the woods
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 4th

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Whatcom County

LOCATION DETAILS: About 10-15Miles into North Cascade National Park. Route from Bellingham to Spokane. Near a bigger river.


OBSERVED: Hi there, i don`t know if this is of any intrest or help to you but i just wanted to tell it anyway.

Im a 23 year old german/american who just came back visiting my uncle in Spokane, WA. I live in Stuttgart, Germany. On August 2nd i visited my cousin who lives in Bellingham, WA. My partner on this trip was my uncles American-Staffordshire "Kane". We had a nice weekend in Bellingham and so on.

We drove back on August 4th at about 7-7:30PM. We took Interstate 5 and then Highway 20 cause i wanted to drive through Skagit Valley and the N.Cascade NP. At about 9PM i had to loosen my water(hopefully u know what i mean). We were just about by a River of which i don`t exactly know the name. I pulled over to the side and what happened then has changed my thinking of the world a lot.

I got out of the car looking for relief and all of a sudden "Kane" started growling like i never heard him before(the window on his side was rolled down a little). It was almost dark so i looked over around but couldn`t see anything, so i thought maybe a deer or something. I went on with my buisness and then "Kane" totally flipped out(Barking and everything), so i looked around and saw something real big jumping over the streets with like 2 steps and then vanishing in the woods(It was about 30yards away).

Since i`m a courageus youngster from a relative big city(Stuttgart has about 700000) i decided to check it out. So i got "Kane" on the leash and we walked to that position and after about 20yards the dog stopped, pressing out all his muscle and started growling.

I tried to pull him with me but he wouldn`t move a inch. I had a little flashlight with and pointed towards the woods but couldn`t see anything. Then i realized this awful smell(smelled like ferrets but much more intense). The dog then started backing up and i thought it was time to get outta here! We were back at the car when all of a sudden the bushes and trees behind us started cracking and bursting towards us. We got in the car and hit the gas.

The reason im writing you is this:

Im not supersticous at all, Am.-Staff`s are courageus dogs and i never seen a probably 6`5" man running across a street vanishing in the woods in my life! I haven`t told no one about this and probably wont, `cause they`ll think i`m crazy.

But since that day i believe that there are somethings on this earth which man can`t explain.

Hope i didn`t waste your time.

Thankfully G. R.

ALSO NOTICED: Awful ferret type smell, just much more intense.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 9PM. I think it rained a liitle during the drive to Spokane.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine Woods, Mountain sight

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