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Report # 4779  (Class A)
Submitted by witness K.Y. on Wednesday, August 7, 2002.
Large animal lures men away from possible younger animal near Mt. St. Helens
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: October

DATE: 20th

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Skamania County

LOCATION DETAILS: The first encounter took place at the Cascade Mtn. viewpoint on windy ridge road there is a large parking lot with a modular building that is a seasonal resturant that over looks Bear Meadow. We parked a gate on forest service road 2560 looking to the east.
The location of the print that I casted was about 1/2 mile down the road at the Miners Car (parking lot) near a stream from Meta Lake along the streambed of Clearwater Creek. I walked across the road and into the blast zone along the creek. I found the track along a game trail near a broken pine tree. I was off any type of established human trail in the restricted blast area.


NEAREST ROAD: Windy Ridge Rd.

OBSERVED: It was a family outing. My uncle and my two brothers and I went up to Mt. St. Helens to look for Bigfoot. My uncle saw a print back in the 60's and has been talking about it all my life. He is getting older now and this was our first trip to go and look as a group. He has studied Sasquatch for the last 30 years.

We drove up Windy Ridge RD from the town Randle all the way to the top overlooking Spirit Lake , The weather was really bad it was raining and sleeting on and off and very foggy and windy. The parking lot at the top was covered in a inch of slush. The view was obscured by a large cloud(like looking into a fog bank).
We started driving back down the mountain below the level of the clouds and we stopped at the Cascade Mtn. viewpoint where there is a modular building and a Forest Service Road(2560) with a locked gate.
I stopped the car and was mounting a lens on my camera ; my brothers got out of the car to strech their legs and scan the hills ; my uncle was in the back seat of the car with a spotting scope looking down into meadow to the northeast.
My little brother got out of the car and went to the edge of the valley and let out a "HELLO!" I told him to shut up and not to do that again. But then from the backseat my uncle said that the scream from my brother had spooked something down in the meadow and it was bolting around a hill in the middle of valley going from left to right and out of sight around a small hill about 400 yds. away he discribed it as large, black and walking upright. My uncle was too scared to get out of the car, he said "us" brothers should "go and have a look" up the road to see if we could get a better vantage point. The three of us proceeded to walk up the gated road ( FSRD 2560) leading up a ridge with some smaller knolls that ring the meadow. It took us the most of 25 minutes up and down the road and ten minutes scanning the meadow. My brothers and I didn't see it walking off from the vantage point where we where. So we headed back to the car.
My Uncle Mac was in the car the whole time watching the area where he had spotted it the first time when we left up the road. He said that after the three of us rounded the hill and where out of sight the large sasquatch walked back into his view left to right and proceeded back to where it was before, walking by a small black stump when that stump then stood up and walked off with it leading what must have been young in the opposite direction the three of us where going. He said he lost sight of it as they walked north down deeper into Bear Meadow.
We all loaded into the car and drove a little down the mountain ( 1/2 miles) to the Miner's Car at a parking lot that is near the southern side of Bismark Mtn. Clearwater Creek runs out of Meta Lake and under Windy River Rd. and into Bear Meadow at the Miner's Car. My uncle and my brothers spread out along the road to see if they could tell where these things where crossing the road. I walked down the creekbed from the road into a slight gulley and followed it for about 100 yrds on the left side staying near the lowest point along a game trail when I came up on a broken tree that had been broken for at least a year( Brown needles at the top). I found a large humanoid footprint on a slope next to the tree. The toes where very noticable (no claws) and where imprinted in mud. I went back to the car to get plaster and the consultation of my older brother who went to WSU and studied under Dr. Krantz. I showed him the print before we poured the cast, he agreed with me that it must be a bigfoot print . I reminded him that we where in the blast area and no one normally walks in this restricted area on the side of a volcano barefoot . It was really cold and raining so we gathered half shells of bark and covered the cast so it would set up overnight . I went back the next day and retrieved the cast.
I have the cast and would like to compare it to others from this same area

ALSO NOTICED: It lured us away from it's young.
Offspring stayed stationary.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were 4 of us.
I was driving and parking at the Casade Mtn.
viewpoint. I was getting my camera out.
ny uncle was looking through his spotting scope at the hill.
my older brother was bundling up to walk out side.
my little brother walked to the edge of the valley and screamed hello at the top of is lungs.

OTHER STORIES: I have gone up several times after that experience. Several of these times I have seen a lot of sign up in that same area along the eastern edge of Spirit Lake north to south near Bismark and the western slope of Strawberry Mtn. and near Norway pass.

late afternoon
Freezing rain mixed with snow

ENVIRONMENT: Eastern edge of the Blast Zone.
Smaller pine trees 10 - 15 ft
Bear Meadow

Follow-up investigation report:

I met with K.Y. on Sept. 27, 2002, and discussed this sighting with him at length, and I had an opportunity to examine the cast that he made near the Miner's Car. I also spoke with his uncle concerning this incident. The only additional information that he could provide was concerning the color of the animal. He described the hair on the animals as being a charcoal black. Although he was looking through a spotting scope, he was not able to ascertain additional details about their appearance.

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