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Report # 4392  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Jeff C. on Saturday, May 25, 2002.
Camper hears heavy footsteps at night around tent at Baker Lake
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YEAR: 1982

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 11

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Whatcom County

LOCATION DETAILS: This actually occured at Baker Lake Resort. Along the creek at the North end of the area.


NEAREST ROAD: Baker Lake Road

OBSERVED: My wife, daughter and I were camping at Baker Lake . It was night, the generator and campfire were out. It is very dark, cant see your hand in front of your face. We were sleeping, when I was awakened by heavy footsteps walking by the tent. The footsteps continued towards the picnic table and stopped. I heard the clanking of silverware, very slight however. Soon thereafter the footsteps walked out the other end of the campsite. Definetly was a bipedal creature. Very heavy footsteps, that were rapid. It walked with a purpose.It was so dark and so heavily wooded that I'm still amazed at how quikly it moved. I had an opportunity to unzip the tent and grab the flashlight when it paused at the picnic table, but the heavy footsteps,the pitch dark, 3year old daughter whom I was thinking about how to protect if necessary, made me pause with fear. I'm absolutley convinced that I heard Bigfoot. I searched in the AM for tracks, but the summer was dry. No soft ground, mud or anything.

ALSO NOTICED: Other items I think are revelent to why I firmly believe this was Bigfoot. The footsteps that I heard crossed a large gravel area. This gravel had ruff/jagged edges. When I retraced the path the next morning, I was wearing sneakers. As I walked on the gravel, it made the walking on gravel sound that you would expect to hear if a person were wearing shoes. The noise I heard had no such sound, as if no shoes were being worn. I took my shoes off and attempted to walk on the gravel. No way! Even with "summer feet" I could not walk with my barefeet on that gravel.
Our friends who were with us had a small dog with them. The dog never barked.... The speed at which the footsteps moved, with no flashlight to guide the way in the pitch dark, accross the gravel further strenghtens my belief at what I heard.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes, she heard it. (Friend in another tent) Put she wont admit it, and thinks I'm crazy.We talked breifly the next am, she heard the same footsteps and small clanking at the picnic tbl.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: @1-2am. Pitch dark. Dry, partly cloudy

ENVIRONMENT: Wooded. Along side feeder stream that feeds Baker Lake. Mountains close by. You can be in the middle of nowhere in short time.

A & G References: A&G Pg 110 B3
T38N R9E Sec 32

Follow-up investigation report:

The footsteps approached the campsite from the SW - the direction of the main entrance roadway. This resort has pole mounted lights that run on a generator. They usually shut down around 10:00PM.

I visited the location 7/20/02 and found the area quite remote and of good habitat. Black bear are seen frequently at or very near the resort. The area has not changed much from the date of this report.

Although the report has no direct sighting of an animal, and no vocalizations or spoor, this report should be kept on file and linked to other reports from the same area.

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