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Report # 36310  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, August 22, 2012.
Family has frequent visits by someone they call the "Screaming Man" near Ashford
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 18

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Pierce County

LOCATION DETAILS: 5 miles outside the main entrance to Mount Rainier National Park.


NEAREST ROAD: Edited to protect the location

OBSERVED: Personal information edited out by the investigator to protect the privacy of the witness. Names have been changed to initials.

Timeframe: The following series of incidents occurred starting in April of 2012. Possibly as early as April / May of 2011.

Private, full-time residence and immediate surrounding area. Rural. Heavily wooded rugged terrain, south-west of Mount Rainier National Park. There is nothing behind (north) of this location for many miles. There are numerous logging roads thru this area both maintained and old. Many drainages, streams and game trails There are no homes or residents throughout the area north of us. It is mountainous and wild.

Wildlife: Large deer and elk population, bear, cougar, owl, fox… all seen on the property. If it is native to this immediate area, it’s likely here.

Incident Descriptions:

April 27, 2012 - Witnesses: PC and neighbor FP.
Around noon on the 27th both witnesses heard exceptionally loud and continuous screams for approximately twenty minutes moving from east to west in the tree-line to the south of their homes as though something was “being chased” and “in fear of its life”. Both witness’s are in their eighties. PC grew up in the area and returned here to live 2.5 years ago. FP has lived in the area for over twenty-seven years. Both are familiar with the sounds of wildlife in the area and both state that they “have never heard anything like this before”. The screaming was described as human like, but not human. Moving rapidly as though being chased. The sound “went through them” and “scared the life out of” them. When asked why they didn’t call 911 they both said that they should have, but did not know what or how to report what they were hearing and thought they would be “laughed at”. I (LC, PC's son) was out of town during this incident, but it was reported to me by my mother during a phone call that same day. During that call I told her that both FP and her had likely heard some elk running through the woods.

May 18/19, 2012 – Witness LC (reporting source). I had just returned home from playing hockey in Seattle and was unloading the car behind my house at 3am. I felt I was being watched. It was pitch black out and the Baard Owls were going crazy all around the house. Then the owls stopped like a switch had been thrown. After a brief pause something yelled at me from about 100 to 150 yards away (?) in the woods… somewhere between me and the stream behind us anyway. I have never heard anything like this in my life. It was human like, but not human. The sound went right through me. It felt like a less than lethal crowd control weapon (I spent 25 years in the military / civil service with multiple overseas tours and had been exposed to these). The hair on my body stood straight up, I felt chilled and distinctly “warned off”. I left my hockey sticks in the car (anyone who knows me knows that I do not leave my sticks anywhere!) and went strait inside the house. I told J (my fiancé) that “I was done… something just yelled at me out there” and called it a night. The next afternoon my mother, PC, asked if I heard that thing outside last night. I told her yes and she said that was exactly what she and FP had heard for twenty minutes a few weeks before. It was not any animal that I have heard before and I’ve heard weird owl calls, strange cougar sounds, fox etc. This was at a volume and resonance that was off the chart. I could literally feel the sound pass thru me. For the next few weeks while out back, I was feeling watched… not all the time, but frequently.

May 28/29, 2012 approx. 11pm to 2am – While laying in bed I could hear a faint sound like what was heard earlier in the month. It sounded as if it was on or near a ridgeline to the north of the house. Around 2am J said she heard it too and it was “really weird”.

Aug 12, 2012 – I was mowing the lawn in the back (north) of the house when I hit a rock with the lawnmower. I still have the bruises from where the rock hit my leg as I write this. Aside from being injured, I was annoyed that there was a rock in that portion of the yard as I had been continuously clearing the area of rocks for quite a few weeks and had that specific area clean. As I looked around the area I found that there wasn’t just one rock, but nearly a hundred rocks all about fist sized laying around the area, about five to fifteen feet from the wood-line. There are no kids in the area and I do not know of any animals that distribute rocks on the ground as if thrown.

Aug 19, 2012 – While visiting with GJ and TJ, a part-time neighbor who has a cabin approx. ¼ mile to the east of us I asked “have you heard the screaming man?” When I asked this GJ turned almost white. He said that both he and his wife TJ had in-fact heard what I was describing “a few months ago like May, maybe”. They said they had not reported it because they had “no idea of what it was”, but that it had scared them too.

Note: I have been hesitant to write this report, but was convinced to do so by this final report from GJ and TJ. I started this report by indicating a possible 2011 event. This occurred from Late April to mid-June of 2011, so the same approx. timeframe of these recent incidents, though separated by one year. All I can say is that both J and I heard “talking” between what sounded to be a male and female human back in the woods on multiple nights (after midnight usually). This was strange as there is nothing back there. But we both remember hearing only “mumbling”, no clear speech. But that mumbling had to have carried for at least a hundred yards –plus for us to have heard it. I wrote it off at the time as potentially game control officers looking for poachers. But looking back now I also considered it very strange.

If nothing else, I hope this report adds a few more data points to your efforts. There have been multiple events in this area over the years, but people are very reluctant to discuss them. You can feel free to contact me and I have the permission of all reporting sources to include their names in this report. They have also indicated a willingness to share their stories with any follow-on investigation of this report.

ALSO NOTICED: see report



TIME AND CONDITIONS: See report. In all incidents the weather was clear and calm.


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

I made initial contact with this witness (LC) over the phone. He re-told me of the activity they were experiencing and what he, his mother (PC), girlfriend (J) and neighbor (FP) were hearing. We agreed to meet the following Sunday where I could see the property, talk with them and the neighbor first hand, and look around the property and surrounding forest.

Upon arriving and being introduced to PC and J, the reporting witness LC gave me a tour of their very nice home. What I noted is that the layout of the home puts two of the bedrooms and one bathroom in view from the forest. The slope of the terrain is such that anything in the forest-line can see into the bedrooms and bathroom, as well as part of the living area. This would be an attraction to any creatures who wanted to observe the people living there.

I talked with the reporting witness, LC and his mother PC about what they heard, which is stated in the witnesses report. We then went into the backyard area and he showed me the kinds of rocks that had been thrown into the yard. We also noted a large tree-limb that had only the day before, fallen from an alder tree that was where the rocks had been thrown. This limb had leaves on it, so it was not a dead limb. It was about 4” in diameter at its largest end. LC and PC said that there had been no wind that they could remember and this seemed suspicious to them. The distance from the tree line to he back of the house is only about 30 yards. At one point, the forest comes to within 20 feet of the NW corner of the house. This is closest to where PC resides.

LC and I examined the forest behind his home. There is nothing to the north behind his home for 30 miles. We found numerous trails that were being used by deer, elk, bear and something else. I found a couple of impressions that were shaped like large footprints, but due to the type of forest duff and vegetation, were inconclusive. One thing to note was a trail which leading to a spot where the home could be observed, while providing cover to the observer. This trail dead-ended in a mashed-down spot about 20 yards into the forest from the backyard. This is typical of what I have seen at other habituation sites where the residents are being observed.

Upon returning to the home, LC and his girlfriend, J and I talked about the reported events from both of their perspectives and also what other types of activity they have experienced. I asked him how it felt when the creature screamed at him when he was unloading his hockey equipment. He said that he could feel it resonate in his body. He said that it felt like the non-lethal acoustic weapons that he had worked with in the military. He got the strong feeling that it wanted him to go away. LC said that during the April-May time period, when he would go outside to work that he felt a strong feeling of being watched. He said that this was just like when he was in Iraq and Afghanistan and they were about to be ambushed. He pays attention to such things because of that. He said that since then, he has not had that feeling. I asked him to let me know when he started to feel that again, as the sasquatches could be expected to be returning to the lowlands in the fall.

We then went next door to talk with FP. FP has lived there for 32 years. FP described the same incident as PC, and said that he called her to ask if she was hearing the same thing. While talking with FP, he related an account of seeing a sasquatch the very day he moved to Ashford. He was passing through Packwood, and had just left the town limits when a sasquatch walked across the road in front of him only about 60 yards away. He said it looked like a very big, hair-covered man. The hair was brown and long. The posture was bent forward at the waist slightly. The forehead was flat, sloping back to a more pointed shape than a human. It crossed the road in just a couple of steps.

I found the reported whispering from the forest to be a compelling detail. This is also commonly reported by people who live in such rural areas where the creatures can observe humans and discuss that between themselves.

This image shows the area from which the creature screamed and where the rocks landed.

The activity described in the report is typical of sasquatch behavior. I have seen the same thing reported at other locations. I believe that these people are reporting sasquatch activity, and is not a case of the mistaken identity of some other animal.

About BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

Scott Taylor is a retired aerospace manager. He lives in Mason County, Washington. He had his first bigfoot encounter in October 2005 where he was stalked and later heard vocalizations. He attended official BFRO Expeditions in the Washington Cascades in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. He also attended the 2007 BFRO Expedition in the central Oregon Cascades and the 2007 Utah Expedition in the Uinta's. He attended the 2008 and 2009 Olympic Peninsula Expeditions and co-lead the 2013 Expedition. He has participated in numerous speaking engagements over the past 17 years.

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