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Report # 3631  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Witness on Friday, January 11, 2002.
Late afternoon sighting by motorists, off I-49 20 miles south of Natchitoches
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YEAR: 92 or 93

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March


STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: Natchitoches Parish

LOCATION DETAILS: i would have to show you there are many places along that hwy that are like it but i know it well

NEAREST TOWN: Natchitoches Louisiana


OBSERVED: well i was driving on I49 between alexandria and shreveport near natchitoches this was in the early 1990's and was comming back from my grandmothers house it was late in the evening about 2 hours before dark in the early spring it has been so long now it is hard to remember much else about time of year but i do remember the sighting well. i was heading north about 20 miles from natchitoches when down in a valley on the right hand side of the road there was a fence about 100 yards away next to a piney forest and a burned out patch of woods i saw a very tall black hairy creature standing on two feet i guess it was over 6 ft tall from that distance that is all i can say about the height. did not see the face but i know the woods and the creatures of the forest and i didnt know what that was. There was a car in front of me that started slowing down so i started to pass him and he look at me and i looked at him he must have seen it also by the looks he gave me and the way he shook his head. so we went on to natchitoches and i started to pull over at the gas station and he followed me when we stopped he asked me if i saw it also i said yes he was from out of state missouri is what his licence plate said never got his name. We just said that neither of us has ever seen anything like that before. I have seen bears well a few of them anyway and that was no bear. When i got home i told my parents what i had seen and they laughed at me at first but then saw i was serious. you can ask them about it. Have only told a few people about it since but travel that way often and can go to the exact spot and have showed it to friends that i have told about but have never got out and checked it out. That is not my style to do that.
but can show anyone the spot.


OTHER WITNESSES: there was one that i know of another driver from missouri we talked after it i never thought i would report it so i didnt get his name sorry about that


TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was well lit as the sun was shinning on the area no clouds that day or very few anyway between 4:30 and 5:30 pm

ENVIRONMENT: there is a creek bottom and swamp nearby

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