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Report # 29025  (Class A)
Submitted by witness No on Saturday, March 26, 2011.
Father remembers fishing with his son, appearing to be observed by a sasquatch which is later sighted on the far side of the lake near McKenna
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YEAR: 1990

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 30

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Pierce County

LOCATION DETAILS: warehouser land tule lake

NEAREST TOWN: meckenna

NEAREST ROAD: meckeena highway

OBSERVED: My name is (edited by investigator). I am 51 yrs of age. I have been in Washington since 1959. I am a mountain man and spent most of my time on horses in high country. I never saw big foot until one day when my son and I went to Tule Lake to do some fishing. We were on the bank fishing and he snuck up on us and watched us fishing but we couldn't see him. Then he walked on around to the other side of the lake. This lake is probably the size of a football field. He came out of the timber and there is a short spread of grass he walked through. Thats when we saw him. My son too I think. He had taken up residence there for some time because all the animals left the area. It was high in all kinds of wildlife. I saw him one other time not too far from the lake down on the Nisqually River. My father saw him on top of Muck Creek hill. I use to tell my friends but they were very skeptical until they asked my son. That boy never lies. Then they were believers. I am a very good tracker and have gone in look for him. I could hear him but he would stay down wind so I couldn't smell him. If you want to hear more, get ahold of me.

ALSO NOTICED: many guys local have talk about it but some locals called bull


OTHER STORIES: more times than i can count and im surprized no one ever turn in sighting

TIME AND CONDITIONS: morn and afternoon

ENVIRONMENT: look like a high country lake very active wild life once

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

The witness and his son, who was about 13 years old, were fishing on Tule Lake in south Pierce County in the late 1980s or early 1990s. He does not remember the exact date. The witness stated that he and his son were fishing on the SE side of the lake. When they were fishing, he heard the footsteps of an approaching large, bi-pedal sounding creature walking in the woods behind them. He and his son were facing the lake, and it came from the right side with respect to the way they were facing, and then slowly moved around behind them to the left side. It then disappeared. It was not walking in the way another fisherman would. It was being careful to try to not make noise. He said that the lake was only about 100 yards across. Then, after a while, they saw a very tall, bi-pedal creature walk out into a grassy area on the other side of the lake.

He described the creature as being about 7í tall. It was broad shouldered. It walked slightly stooped or hunched over. The color was a dingy dark brown/black with some gray. The hair was about 12 inches long, and waved in a natural manner as it walked. He could see the arms. He was not able to see facial features.

At that time, the area was owned by the Weyerhaeuser Corporation. There were deer and elk all over that area, which I can attest to, as I used to hunt nearby. The big game populations have since plummeted since the mid 1990s. All Weyerhaeuser land in Pierce and King Counties has since been sold to either other timber companies or to private developers. This lake is not too far from the Nisqually River and access by sasquatches would be easy without coming out of the forest.

My son and I accompanied the witness to the lake. We were able to talk more about his experiences during the hike into the lake. The road to the lake is gated. Most of the private timber land in the area is now gated, but walking in is permitted. We parked outside the gate, and walked in on the road. It was about 1 Ĺ miles into the lake. There were people fishing there, and we chatted with them a bit about fishing. We then walked along overgrown logging roads to near where he was fishing that day. He demonstrated what the creature sounded like at it moved in slow, careful steps, with the dry vegetation making crackling noises. He indicated where it was first heard and where it moved. Then he pointed out the place across the lake where the sasquatch walked out into the grassy area. The lake level at this time is very high since it is spring at the time of this writing. The lake is about 1/4 to 1/3 mile across; much larger than the witness reported in his narrative. This can be explained. This year, we have had a very long and wet winter and spring. The seasons seem to be about 4-6 weeks behind, judging by the temperature and budding of the trees. The lake side trails are mostly submerged. When the witness was there 20 years ago he said that the lake level was much lower. At the time of his encounter, which could have been the end of July, as he didnít remember the exact date, the water level would certainly be much lower.

This picture shows approximately where the witness was at the yellow X, and the direction the creature moved behind them. The red X is approximately where there creature walked out into the grassy area.

This picture is looking SE from the boat ramp area towards where the witness was fishing.

This picture is looking SW from the boat ramp area towards where the witness said the creature walked out to the grassy area across the lake from them.

This witness has had many other possible sasquatch encounters. He is a horseman, and likes to spend a lot of time riding and camping alone in the Tatoosh Mountains south of Mt. Rainier. I mentioned that sasquatchs are often known to exchange gifts if offerings are left out. When I said this, he was momentarily shaken as he remembered something that happened many years ago while in the Tatoosh Mountains. He had realized that something that he thought might be a bigfoot creature was hanging around his camp. He could tell what kind of animal was around by observing his horse, as it reacted differently to each. So, he left a gift of honey outside his camp. When he checked the next morning the honey was gone, and he found in that spot the back half of a very old native-American arrow. He said that it was not there before. It was only now that he realized that it was a gift exchange.

In my opinion, this witness and his son were lucky enough to be checked out by a sasquatch and also to see one across the lake. It is not certain whether it was the same sasquatch that was behind them and that walked out into the open on the far side of the lake. It could be that it was two different creatures. The creature that he saw across the lake was by his description of the bi-pedal walk, itís size and proportions certainly not a bear or a man. The creature that walked quietly behind them, while not seen, acted as we have come to expect of a sasquatch that was curious about who was there fishing. The presence of the witnesses son is another point of curiosity for a sasquatch. They are often drawn-in by the laughter and banter of children. Further, this area is still a source of sasquatch sightings and habituation situations.

About BFRO Investigator Scott Taylor:

Scott Taylor is a retired aerospace manager. He lives in Mason County, Washington. He had his first bigfoot encounter in October 2005 where he was stalked and later heard vocalizations. He attended official BFRO Expeditions in the Washington Cascades in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. He also attended the 2007 BFRO Expedition in the central Oregon Cascades and the 2007 Utah Expedition in the Uinta's. He attended the 2008 and 2009 Olympic Peninsula Expeditions and co-lead the 2013 Expedition. He has participated in numerous speaking engagements over the past 17 years.

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