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Report # 28781  (Class A)
Submitted by witness No. on Sunday, January 30, 2011.
Two witnesses see strange quadruped from truck near Moclips
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

LOCATION DETAILS: A mile or two north of Moclips on highway 109.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 109

OBSERVED: My son and I were heading north on hiway 109 just north of Moclips, WA. We were in my pick-up truck and I was driving. It was cloudy, but no rain. The sun had just set but there was still plenty of light. 109 is a two lane road along the ocean and there wasnít any other traffic, so I was driving sort of slow and enjoying the nice summer evening.

As I was driving, I was enjoying the view to my left and just caught a glimpse of a decent sized animal that darted from right to left across the road and into the left ditch, where I lost sight of it as I drove past. As I drove I continued to look to my left to take in the view when movement near the road ditch to the left side of my truck caught my attention. I turned my head to look out the driverís window and saw some sort of animal running on all fours in the ditch to the left beside the back of the truck about 25 feet away. It was easily keeping up with the truck as I drove about 35 mph. My mind couldnít identify what sort of animal it was so after a quick look at the road I looked at the animal again. My instant reaction was that the animal looked like an ape based on how it was built and how it was moving. Iím no ape expert, but Iíve seen them in the movies and TV and thatís what it looked like. After another quick look at the road, I turned to view the animal again but it was gone.

We saw it for maybe 10-15 seconds. It was about 3 feet tall as it ran on all fours, stocky and thick with a dark brownish color. It had hair/fur of a uniform length of about 3 inches all over. One of the reasons it reminded me of an ape so much was the way itís front legs were longer than itís back legs making itís hind end lower than itís front end as it ran. Because I could only get short looks at the animal as I was also driving, the face was all a blur and I didnít see any details.

Iíve been in the woods and outdoors all my life working, hunting and playing in Washington and Alaska and Iíve seen many animals and this was like nothing Iíd ever seen before. After the sighting, my son and I drove to a restaurant and tried to make sense of what we saw, but couldnít. Iíd filed it away as a mystery until my cousin told me recently that its believed sasquatch young run on all fours and it suddenly made sense.


OTHER WITNESSES: Two witnesses. We were just driving, talking and enjoying the nice evening.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 8:30 to 9:00 at night just after sunset.

ENVIRONMENT: Highway 109, a two lane road with ditches on both sides and trees and brush on both sides about 10 feet from the shoulder. 109 runs along side the Pacific Ocean not far from the beach. Forest all along the road to the east.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kirk Brandenburg:

I was able to contact the son who matched all details of his fatherís description of the experience while adding the following:

He was in the passenger seat and saw the creature when it first crossed the road from right to left in front of the truck and then viewed it through the truck's back window. To him its color, size and build was similar to a very large Rottweiler dog, but there was no tail or snout. Instead of running like a dog, it had more of a loping motion like when a jackrabbit casually runs, with itís rear lower than itís head. He said that he saw long flattened ears flopping behind the creatureís head as it ran. They saw it for about 15 seconds then it darted off into the woods behind the truck. It really frightened him by the way it was able to keep pace with the speed of the truck and by the fact they couldnít figure out what it was. He was not able to recall facial features other than to confirm that it did not have a snout.

Regarding the long flattened flopping ears, I asked the son if it could have been just long hair growing from the head. He agreed that it could have been long hair, but because it moved so much like a giant jackrabbit he was expecting big ears somewhere.

I know the father witness and encouraged him to file this report after hearing him talk about his experience. He was reluctant to file the report but finally agreed. In a separate interview, the son witness confirmed everything the father reported. Based on my familiarity with the witnesses and the way they answered my questions, its apparent they are remembering a genuine experience.

About BFRO Investigator Kirk Brandenburg:

- Juris Doctor degree, University of Minnesota Law School
- BFRO Expedition Organizer in New Mexico and Washington
- YouTube Channel: StudySasquatch

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