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Report # 2602  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, May 29, 2001.
Loud vocalizations heard near Stevens Pass
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YEAR: 1970

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 4/14/70

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: King County

LOCATION DETAILS: Please see my letter.

NEAREST TOWN: Scenic Washington or Skykomish Washington

NEAREST ROAD: Stevens Pass Highway

OBSERVED: I lived at Scenic near Stevens Pass Washington in the 60--70's. There had been sightings of sasquatch near our home, and at that time my husband and I laughed about that never taking them seriously. I lived at Scenic about 10 years and enjoyed taking walks by myself with my samoyed dog. That dog would chase bears away, running them up trees. I always felt safe with her around. One morning, the dog went with my husband to work and I decided to take a walk down to the end of the road towards highway 2. It was a beautiful spring day and the snow still lay in places on the ground. I can still see and hear this like it was yesterday.

I had crossed the small bridge going over the small creek by our place and gotten almost to the end of the road where it meets the highway. That's when I heard the most god awful sound. I can still hear it in my mind. The sound was quite close to me. I'm thinking about 1/2 block distance (as the crow flys) and seemed to be coming around the area where the deserted railroad bunkhouses were located across where the depot was located.

This animal had huge lungs. The volume was immense.
(I'm trying to think of a word for the sound) It started sort of like roar and went to a shrill pitch. Then a pause of about 3 seconds and then the same sound with that shrill pitch, a pause of 3 seconds and another sound.

That was it and since I didn't believe in saquatch I wasn't scared of it, ,just curious. I knew all the calls of the animals around our mountains and this wasn't the same. I've tried all these years to figure out what made that noise. I stopped into the forest service office after this happen and asked them if they had ever heard this sound. I was trying to explain it to them as best I could, but they never took me serious. I recieved the same response from my friends that lived in skykomish. Then after I moved to Spokane some time later I was watching "Unsolved Mysteries". They played sounds that sounded very similar and said to myself "there's the sound or closest to it". I thought, "no one's going to believe this!"

I worked at a hospital in Spokane and one of my indian patients and I got to talking about my experience. She had seen a sasquatch come into her camp as a young girl and chased it away by beating on a drum. She said the most astounding thing she remembered about her experience was the human look in it's eyes. So the native americans have known about them for years.

I truly think the sasquatch would be found around that area of Scenic, near Stevens Pass Washington. For 10 years I walked all through those mountains, my small children with me and these sasquatches never bothered us.

ALSO NOTICED: The next day I checked the area where the bunkhouses were and I saw and heard nothing more.


OTHER STORIES: About a year or two before I heard my (sound) there were kids from the University of Washington that said they had seen a sasquatch. They were looking around above our house at scenic going through a railroad tunnel looking for it. My husband and I were out for a walk and noticed these huge boulders rolling down the mountain side. My husband and I were looking up towards the mountain wondering what was going on. I said to him what the heck is going on up there? He laughed saying "the fool kids said they saw a sasquatch and are looking for it." Now I am not so sure.

ENVIRONMENT: Please see my letter

A & G References: page 81, 7,C

Follow-up investigation report:

I have known Judy Walters Donnally all my life. Interviewing her near her Spokane home was a pleasure. I used to spend two weeks with the Walter family in the summer months being the same age as her children. Our two families spent a good deal of time riding our horses in the mountains around Scenic with Don or Judy acting as trail guides. My time with Judy, Don and family was always an educational experience of how to live in the high mountains. Judy's knowledge of the mountains, local history, foods to eat, what not to eat, the different animals and their behaviors were lessons I still hold to and practice today when in the mountains.

Judy's husband, Don Walters worked as switch and maintenance man on the Burlington Northern Railroad during the years recounted above.

She had recounted this story to me in Pullman, Washington during the summer of 1987 and I again interviewed her in person, June of 2001 in Spokane. Her experience is still very impressive and quite compelling.

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