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Report # 25339  (Class B)
Submitted by witness please keep information Private on Thursday, January 22, 2009.
Berry picker hears possible wood knocks east of Aberdeen
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 27

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

LOCATION DETAILS: More specific directions omitted due to an on-going investigation

NEAREST TOWN: Between Aberdeen and Montesno


OBSERVED: It was July 2002, I was picking wild black berries
that are native to the area, and found mostly on
back logging roads. While picking the berries on the end of a spur road that cut across a hill side
I heard what was wood knocking, It sounded like two pieces of hard wood being knocked together, the first time was three knocks in rapid succession one after another then a pause and some more knocking, it was very unusual. I have been in the woods all of my life. And have heard
grouse thump, Elk call, and bugle, and deer snort and even bark at you. But have never heard something like this. The spur I was on is West to East, East being the end of the spur where I was picking the berries. After hearing this wood knocking, I walked West back up the road and could tell the knocking was coming from the ridge above me. I thought it had to be coming from another human being because nothing else could make a noise like that. Banging two pieces of wood together had to be a human event. BUT I was out in the middle of the forest. At least 7 miles
from the nearest house and only one house at that.
I had been up and down all the surrounding roads and spurs already picking berries and knew there were no other vehicles in the area, so no one else was out there, I was alone. So what could it be? I had no clue I wanted to climb the ridge to investigate but it was very steep and very thick with dog hair, or second growth hemlock. So I decided against that, The wood knocking continued as I walked back to the truck, It was to a little strange so I just left the area. Later I learned that wood knocking is suppose to be a habit of Big Foot, So now it makes more sense to me that the sound was coming from a big foot. And not another human out there in the woods were it was unlikely for another person to be and messing with me. What else could it have been...


OTHER WITNESSES: No one else out there

OTHER STORIES: When I was younger I heard some kind of wierd screaming along the wishkha river that I could not reconize. And haven't heard since.


ENVIRONMENT: the road cut cross a hill side the sound was on a ridge, there was thick hemlock on the hill side above me, and larger timber on top of the ridge.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David W Ellis:

Spoke with the witness about the incident. I can add the following to his report. As stated he had been driving the back roads in an isolated area. He noted that he had not seen nor heard any motorized vehicles. He is a bow hunter and considers himself versed in the sounds of the local woods. He was fairly certain that he was the only person in the immediate area. It was later in the day, maybe four o'clock in the afternoon, when he stopped his car at this spur road. He related that he did hear wood knocking as he was leaving his car. At the time he had no idea of the term, wood knocking, he assumed it to be only a human behavior. He described the sounds as three successive bangs, two solid pieces of wood coming together.

He continued on his way to pick berries. Then he heard wood knocking again, with the same type of pattern. Three bangs and then silence. He determined that the sounds were coming from above him in a densely covered reprod (replanted clear cut). He also estimated the distance to be approximately 200 yds. I asked him if he had any personal fear associated with the experience? He paused..., then said no, just confusion from not knowing what could be making those knocks. I asked him if he heard any tapping sounds?... NO. Did the sounds come from one location or move around? They just came from one location. I asked could the sounds have been gun shots? ....No, they sounded like wood on wood. After a short time, he decided to leave since he could not determine what was making these sounds.

Having grown up in the area, he is familiar with the local sasquatch lore. Periodically he has talked with people that have a bigfoot story. At the time of the incident, he did not associate wood knocking with bigfoot behavior. Then, through discovery on the internet, he read reports of this type of bigfoot activity. He thought, hey I have heard this before and decided it was important enough to file a report.

I know this area well. I can confirm that I too have heard and recorded wood knocking sounds.

About BFRO Investigator David W Ellis:

  • Senior Sales Representative for Lightolier / Philips
  • Currently residing on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound
  • Attended several public and private expeditions in Washington State
  • Assisted with the 2009 expeditions on the Peninsula and the Cascades

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