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Report # 206  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Glen & Melinda on Friday, July 14, 2000.
Videocamera Accidently Captures Distant Bipedal Movement near Smith River Road
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 15

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Lane County

LOCATION DETAILS: We sighted what we believe to be a bigfoot while driving to the coast on little used Smith River Rd.


NEAREST ROAD: Smith River Rd

OBSERVED: We were driving the convertible and Mel was tapeing the road as we drove. The bigfoot or whatever it was came from behind a tree and ran quickly into the woods. It was about two football fields away and was in the video for a very short time. It appeared silver at that distance and seemed to run with its hands at its side.

ALSO NOTICED: It happened so fast that we didn't stop and really didn't think about it until we reviewed the video. We still have the video.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two of us were driving down a country road between the coast and Willamette valley

OTHER STORIES: Cave Junction, about 100 miles south

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear and Sunny, Mid-afternoon

ENVIRONMENT: Mountanous valley with creek nearby

Follow-up investigation report:

Date sent: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 10:19:42 -0400
From: David Bittner
Subject: Curators: Oregon Video

The Lane County, OR video shot through the windshield of a car driving down a back country road shows something running off the road and into the woods at a distance of a few hundred yards. It took me several viewings of the video to actually see the thing, it's so small in the frame. It is at best two or three scanlines tall as shot, and because of this there's really nothing I can do to the image that would be worthwhile. It's not going to prove anything, either way. LeRoy, thanks for sending it to me. It's always worth a look, in my opinion.

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