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Report # 2041  (Class A)
Submitted on Saturday, March 24, 2001.
August 1 1990 Oklahoma, Cherokee County, near Eldon
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YEAR: 1990

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August


STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Cherokee County

LOCATION DETAILS: Highway 51 and 62 junction, Eldon, Oklahoma and 3 miles east.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 62 and 51 junction

OBSERVED: Various newspaper articles reporting possible bigfoot near Tahlequah, Oklahoma. First report was on August 1, 1990 at a mobile home near Eldon, Oklahoma which is east of Tahlequah at the junction of highways 62 and 51. Woman living in the mobile home reported to Cherokee County Sheriff's Deparment that she heard noises and noticed a bad smell. She then observed a creature approximately 10 feet tall and about 400 pounds. Deputy Joe Weavel investigated the reports and found impressions big enough to place both his feet in. Two days later, an 8 year old girl and her mother described a similar creature going through a trash pile near their house. Their dog chased it but returned with it's tail between it's legs. The creature was described as 8 feet tall with dark brown frizzy hair and similar to a bear except that it was described as walking upright. Oklahoma Wildlife Department district chief, Joe Adair said he had received several calls regarding the animal and believed it to be a bear. He said he "nothing to base that on" and that it was unusual for a bear to walk on it's hind legs for very long. Similar reports came from this area in the early 70's.

ALSO NOTICED: Noises and bad odor before sighting. Creature observed digging through trash pile.

OTHER WITNESSES: Three total, within and near their residences.

OTHER STORIES: Several reports near this area since the early 70's, also possible reports near Peggs, Oklahoma, northwest of Tahlequah, Ok.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Daytime sightings and very dry.

ENVIRONMENT: Rolling wooded hills, near the Baron Fork of the Illinois River. Native blackjack, oak and evergreen trees.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Roger Roberts:

Multiple witnesses observe smelly, hairy animal, 8-10 feet tall walking at two locations near Eldon, Ok. Reports investigated by local law enforcement and wildlife officials.

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