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Report # 20363  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, July 19, 2007.
Campers describe a possible approach to a camp near Lake George, Adirondacks
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YEAR: 2000-2001

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: full moon

STATE: New York

COUNTY: Warren County

LOCATION DETAILS: follow split rock road, turns to dirt, fork in road bear left, keep going into the woods, easy to find


NEAREST ROAD: split rock road

OBSERVED: I was camping with my wife and two other couples at Jabes Pond, Hague, New York (near Sabbaths Day Point), Adirondacks.

We were having a great time. Yes we were drinking.The time was between 3:00-3:30am. Four of the six campers hit the sack just before 3:00am.

Let me paint a picture of the environment. The lake is shaped like an L on top of a small mountain, surrounded by pine trees, crystal clear water. There is a swamp on the northwest side of the lake. It's a gorgeous place.

The six of us canoed out to the camp site, only three maybe four sites on this lake. No other campers were there. We did what all young campers do -- build a big fire, drink, eat and be loud. We were doing this till about 2:30AM. Then the girls went to bed.

There was only two of us standing. We were stuffing our faces before we went to bed. I walked down to my tent.The tent was set up right on the lake shore, I mean one maybe two feet away from the water. The tent is square and flares inward at the chest level. Two of the four sides of the tent were facing water.

So I climb into the tent and as I am just about to lay next to my wife my wife says, "Steve, Steve, Steve!" My head hits the pillow and I am looking up into the tent. I hear water splashing next to the tent and my wife says something is out there. I hear branches being moved and what ever is out there is behind our tent. I WAS FREAKING OUT.

I am laying on my back in the sleeping bag and I look up and I see an elbow being draged down the side of my tent. I am shiting my pants, then I hear thud, thud, thud, thud, thud of something running away. NO MORE ROOM TO WRITE

ALSO NOTICED: We were loud. I have been camping all my life in remote areas. I know the characteristics and sounds of bear, dear, moose, game birds and the sound of a fox screaming (sounds like someone murdering a baby).

What ever went by our tent was about 6 feet high and a biped.

There was no other campers on this lake and what the hell comes out of the water @ 3:00 am and walks by your camp site not wanting food.

OTHER WITNESSES: There was four people in my tent. We had been partying very loud.

OTHER STORIES: Others near Sabbaths Day Point, Lake George. Going back july 29 2007 full moon. Going to be prepared this time

TIME AND CONDITIONS: the time between 3:00-3:15am, the lighting was camp fire background, the weather was clear

ENVIRONMENT: pine trees, clear water, swamp on the north west side of lake, funny thing if you stomp on dirt ground it sounds hollow

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Paul Conroy :

I spoke with this witness for approximately one hour. The recollection of the incident was consistent with the report that was submitted.

Based on the height of his tent, the location of the elbow in relation to a bi-pedal creature's body, and the shape of the impression, he believes that he saw an impression of the creature's elbow pressing against the tent.

He was under the impression that the creature walked by their campsite and it's elbow hit the side of their tent. He discounted the possibility of a bear due to the sound of the creature's footsteps and the fact that if a bear comes into a campsite they will always look for food.

They will usually rummage through coolers/garbage etc. Deer/moose will usually avoid a campsite altogether.

The witness stated that the sound that the creature made as it moved away from the camp was consistent with the heavy footsteps of a large bi-pedal creature.

This area has a history of activity. There are many documented reports in the BFRO database regarding vocalizations and sightings in Warren County.

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The area is also referenced in the book "Monsters of the Northwoods" by Paul and Robert Bartholomew

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