Adirondack Locations - Lake George to Whiteahll

The blue markers in this Google Earth frame represent incident locations on the Mangani Bigfoot Layer. The black and white labels were added by the editor of this report.

Mangani's locations are based mainly on BFRO reports. They are incomplete and not precisely accurate, but they do show the more prominent clusters of incident locations.

There are other incident locations in this frame of terrain. Most of those are not indicated above, but are scattered in the same general swaths of terrain indicated by the blue markers.

The pattern suggests that some sasquatches will sometimes cross Lake George and Lake Champlain.

Two witnesses observed a bigfoot cross a channel of Lake Champlain in 2003. They were both recent immigrants from China, and were taking a break from their job at the Chinese restaurant in Whitehall. They had never heard of bigfoots before, but were familiar with monkeys in China. Standing at a boat launch near Clemons, south of Dresden, they were looking north when they watched a "big monkey" cross a 5 foot deep channel of Lake Champlain, headed toward the Vermont side of the lake. It was less than 75 feet from them. The dark-furred figure was walking upright with arms swinging as it slipped into the cover of tall reeds on the far side of the channel. This happened around 2:30 - 3:00 in the afternoon. No one else was present at the boat launch at the time. We met one of these two witnesses during the first BFRO expedition in New York. He is a credible, honest eyewitness.

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