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Report # 1681  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, January 25, 1999.
Young boy awakened by a loud roaring scream (Part 2)
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YEAR: 1981


STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Thurston County

LOCATION DETAILS: In an area... called The Bald Hills, near The Deschutes Falls Park. This area is between the Southwest corner of Mt. Rainier park and the town of Yelm.


OBSERVED: I will break these down into the three events, divided by the types of events. The first two are from hearing screams at night. The third is a brief sighting.

My friend and I had just gone to bed (well, I was in a bed. He was in a sleeping bag). We had just turned out the lights and were talking when we heard a five second scream from the hillside, just Northeast of the house. Having heard the scream so many years before, and in bigfoot documentaries, I recognized the origin. After pausing while the hairs on the back of our necks stood up, I said, "You know what the F--K THAT was don't you?" We didn't hear any further screams that night.

I spent a lot f time in this area and know what the various night animals sound like. This was no cougar and certainly not a coyote. It was very much like the latter half of a roaring scream that I have heard played on various bigfoot documentaries. It was loud, powerful and can only be
described as "wild" in the way it carried on. Though brief, it made an impression.

ALSO NOTICED: The next day, my friend and I found an alder grove at the end of a logging road. While there is no hardcore proof, we had a very strong sensation of being observed. It was a feeling that we were not wanted in the area. One of us made the observation that "This is f-king creepy!" The grove was completely silent, unlike the surrounding woods. We did not stay long in the grove. On the hillside, we also found large scuff marks in the ground (too hard for footprints), but decided that it wasn't any kind of REAL evidence.

OTHER WITNESSES: Talking with a friend, just after going to bed.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was very warm as we had the window to the bedroom open. Sometime between 10:00pm and midnight.

ENVIRONMENT: I was in a house. Screams came from a little further to the East and slightly up a logging road that lead from the house, maybe 100-200 yards into the dense forest across the roadway that lead to my grandparents' house.

A & G References: Pg. 47, B5

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