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Report # 1645  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Don S. on Sunday, July 11, 1999.
Witness observed creature walking up a hill
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YEAR: 1971

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Skamania County

LOCATION DETAILS: My sighting occured on the north side of Mt.St.Helen, Washington State with spirit lake in view. My parents drove up to the parking lot and I was on the side of the mountain playing in a patch of snow looking north.



OBSERVED: Sitting there takeing a break, enjoying the view of all the hills and valleys with the lake in view. At the bottom of the valley floor, the first hill was logged off, clear cut down to the stumps. And what I first saw was someone walking out of the trees and up the hill. Then what really caught my attention was he was swinging his arms back and forth. His hands looked like they were below his knees swinging. And his knees were way above the tops of the stumps. This thing was BIG!

The hill he was walking up was pretty steep and long he was also walking at a fast steady pace. He did not stop once to rest, it was nonstop from the bottom all the up to the top of the hill and into the trees. It took about a minute or so for him to climb this hill. Now I'm a big guy myself (6.1 230lb.)and it would have taken me 5-10 min. to climb this. He looked like he was walking downhill with his arms swinging.

He was all solid dark color with no backpack/beltline/hat. Just a solid dark color. Now for me to walk over to where he was I would have to go back down to the parking lot, then down to the bottom of the valley, then about 1,000 yds. NE. all thru heavy under brush. I just didn't have the time for that.

ALSO NOTICED: The most unusual thing is how fast he walked up the hill swinging his arms, nonstop.

OTHER WITNESSES: Even though I was pretty far away, I was up a lot higher than he was and looking down. I was playing in the last patch of snow on the mountain. There were a few cars in the parking lot and saw a few people below me. My parents were off picking blueberries.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Nice warm day, blue sky, no clouds light wind. I could see for miles, hills and valleys of pine forest.

ENVIRONMENT: The landscape as discribe above was at the base of Mt. St Helen in Washington State on the North side. I was up on the side of the mountain and could see 3/4 of Spirit Lake. Some of the closer hills had been logged off and cleared down to the stumps.

A & G References: Pg. 33, C7

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