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Report # 15187  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, July 13, 2006.
Resident reports numerous incidents in his neighborhood outside Allen, near borders of MI, IN and OH
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: second tuesday nite

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Hillsdale County

LOCATION DETAILS: Largely wooded, farming community, this property is at western end of long wooded, swampy like area close to Indiana and Ohio borders, around 30 miles to each.


NEAREST ROAD: Removed per witness

OBSERVED: It was early april here in southern michigan, I was sitting watching tv around 2:30 AM and was preparing to go to bed when I felt like I was being watched. I live in a rented 12x70 2 bedroom trailer. I was sitting at my pc looking across the room at the tv, when I felt odd and noticed in my peripheral vision that I couldn't see my neihgbor's outside light. That is when I turned to look straight out the window, the window was about 4 feet from me, and I found myself staring straight into the big , yellowed, bloodshot eyes of a sasquatch. It looked like it was hairy all over - I saw a hint of reddish, light brown colored hair on the forearm and shoulder. The lighting on it was poor and I couldn't make out any facial features besides the eyes and it was staring right back at me. I have been living in this trailer for 6 months over winter months with no signs of anything strange going on around here. Well I jumped from my chair and threw off the blanket I had on my legs and stared right at it for a second and then realised my front door wasn't completely shut and locked. I hurriedly reached for the handle to shut it and lock it and when the door handle met my hand, I tried to push it closed but it wouldn't move. It was actually pushing the door open on me! After trying to move it, it wouldn't budge, so I gave in and sprinted to the back of my trailer and shut the bathroom door behind me and listened. I didn't hear anything actually enter the house, and after a few minutes of quiet, I exited the bathroom and entered my bedroom and got my gun and woke my wife. We both walked quietly back into the living room and the door was opened half-way, but there was no sign of it. I called a friend on the phone to come over to use his truck lights and my flashlights to search around but there was no more signs of it that night. The next morning I looked for tracks but there were none. I did however find something like hairy, muddy fingerprints on the window pane. I snapped a couple shots of it, and I stood where it was and determined the height to be around 8-81/2 feet tall. Since that night, both my wife and I have heard loud, mournful vocalizations in the middle of the night. We have both gone out to investigate when we hear them and we hear loud, very large sounding "things" moving through the brush and weeds, shaking weeds, and we have smelled an awful, dead-skunk like smell on a couple of occassions in the early mornings. My friend and I have sat in a vehicle for a few hours in the early night, 11 PM-2 AM, and have heard brush and movement thru weeds attracting dogs close by to bark, and have had rocks or sticks thrown at the vehicle we are in. Also we were using a million candle spot that night we had stones thrown, and my friend swears he saw something "manlike" walking across our field of vision but we didn't get cameras or spot on it fast enough.That night I mention, which was 7-12-2006, was a full moon night so we had good night vision for a ways. My friend has also had large footprints in his driveway and has a local friend of his son has seen a pair of eyes, really high up and not very far away in the weeds while he and my friend's son and another boy were out jumping on a trampoline in the early evening one night 2 yrs ago and now he won't go out at night, and he is 16yrs old. My neighbors have been calling the police a couple of times a year, always in spring or summer, about "someone" or "something" walking and sneaking around their yard at night. This has been happening for about 8 yrs total now. This property was all wood and scrub, and thick brush till around 8 yrs ago when the landowner cleared it up. The landlord's nephew said he saw a "man" walking through the yard around 11:30 AM 4 weeks ago and he thought it might have been me, but it wasn't. We went to the area he saw it in during daylight and I was much shorter then what he saw. The landlord's wife was walking around a trailer in the middle of the property during the afternoon and felt like she was being watched and then she heard something very large run away through the brush just around the corner of a trailer where she was walking. This property is about 20 acres; he cleared about 10 of it and has 3 rental trailers on it. I occupy one at the south end of the property, and he lives in one at the north end of the property. The one in the middle is vacant, plus a couple of tool, supply trailers(12x70 each) which he keeps shut and locked but the doors keep coming open and there is some damage that we can't explain that looks like some of the siding was pried up or something tried to rip a piece off. Also there are deep scratches around this piece of siding. The landlord and I have heard something tossing around some wood studs he has stacked up in the middle of his property and also we have heard what sounded like a long pipe thrown into weeds banging on a piece of wood.
Since the first night I saw this big guy, I have heard it give out vocalizations like I have never heard before. I have been an outdoorsman my whole life and I swear these were sounds like no other animal in this region would make. Both my wife and I have heard what sounds like a pair of "bigfeet" walking thru woods by my house, dragging something and grunting back and forth at each other. This occured around 5:45 AM. We hear it/them at least once a week, but around full moon times it seems to do more yelling and moving through brush when I go out to investigate. I have tried vocalizing back from my front yard and both my wife and I heard something yell back across the field when I did it. When my friend and I staked em out, just before we called it a day, I tried to yell a vocalization and that is when a few minutes afterwards I heard something in the brush and a rock hit the back of my van we were sitting in. This was around 2:30 AM.

ALSO NOTICED: I have taken a picture of a footprint found by roadside; my friend had a footprint in his driveway, and he lives a half a mile away. These things like to yell at night and they would bang on the side of the trailer alot after I first had an encounter but they are starting to leave us alone. My friends and I are investigating them now. This property has been mostly vacant for last 8 years; my landlord just moved a month before me last year, around October, and I think it was curious to see what was in here since it has been vacant so long.

OTHER WITNESSES: Me and my wife on first night - she didn't see or hear anything the first night but since there have been numerous instances where we both hear vocalizations and brush movements. Many other sightings close around, about 1-2 mile radius from my area over the years. The landlord has heard movements, his wife heard large heavy footsteps running away, his nephew saw a large manlike thing walk thru the middle of property at night, and neighbors have called police to investigate "someone" in their yard at night many times over several years where police asked landlord about it too. Some other people in the area have sighted something walking around in the middle of the night also.

OTHER STORIES: Just the footprints, the young boy who saw eyes high above the ground not too ar away in the weeds while playing on trampoline, the landlords nephew seeing "someone" walking thru the middle of the property in early evening, 11-11:30 PM. And some older local residents have seen odd things walking around at night.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: We have events usually around 1-4:30 AM.

ENVIRONMENT: This property used to be all thick underbrush and woods, mostly walnut trees and oaks, lots of pines around too. Now the front end of property is cleared out and is a nice large lawn with many trees and the back end is thick underbrush. Woods and swampy too.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Eric Lester:

I was able to visit with the witness and his family, and explore the area over two days. The area has a rich wildlife environment - plenty of forest cover, creeks, berries, and orchards. There were also signs of deer in the area. The main encounter occurred in April, 2006, when he seen a creature staring at him through one of his windows. He noticed that he couldn't see his neighbors light shining through the window, and noticed something blocking it out. At first he wasn't sure what he was seeing, but after staring at it for a number of seconds, he realized it was something that was looking back at him. At this point, he tried to push his door shut, which was open to let in a breeze. Something was holding it against his push, and he wasn't able to budge it, so he ran and woke his wife up and grabbed a firearm. He didn't hear anything after the incident, and nothing entered his house.

I inspected the window that the creature was looking through and was able to estimate that it stood about 8' tall. The witness states that the creature's shoulders sloped into it's head, almost as if it didn't have a neck, and the head was pointed at the top. The shoulders were extremely wide. The eyes were very dark, and yellowed and bloodshot around the edges. There was also a scar above the right eye that stood out.

Many other incidents have occurred - rocks and sticks being thrown at cars and humans, howls, occasional footprints seen, tall creatures seen at night, and property and items in the area being manipulated and 'hit'. Sometimes around 4:30-5:00 AM something big bangs the side of the witness' residence, and startles everybody awake. Upon rushing outside during some of these occurrences, nothing is seen.

The creature watching him in the window still scares the witness to this day. For a few months he was reluctant to be outside alone late at night. This is one of the few things he's ever been scared of in his life, and he says he'll never forget it.

The witness supplied this drawing:

About BFRO Investigator Eric Lester:

Eric Lester is a medical professional and has been investigating possible Sasquatch sightings since 2004.
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