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Report # 1459  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, September 24, 1998.
Witness looked up into the eyes of Bigfoot
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YEAR: Late 1970s

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: Rapides Parish

LOCATION DETAILS: Esler Field Road near the airport


NEAREST ROAD: Esler Field Road

OBSERVED: We just had a house built. Esler field . buy a set of woods . at the time it wasnt to populated.Well one night my farter and mother had friend s come over on a friday night and play cards there daughter was my sister friends so we were all outside at night playing around on our farthers car hood with was parked on the side of the drive way next to the wood s . i got down from the car hood and went off to the side of the woods and was walking towards a streetlight that we had put up near the end of the drive way and off on the side of the woods . when i felt something standing in front of me. it was very hairy or fury so i lifted my head all the way up to look up into the eyes of bigfoot . its eyes where very dark and were very pupil big. its face had a grayish color to it . it was almost like a gorila face but wasnt dark but grayish . it had a more upright forehead that face it self wasnt all covered with hair. all it did was look down at me no expression on its face at all . like it was just curious.well of coase i ran out of the side of the woods and towards and in my house . leaveing my sister and her friend behinde . i told my parents what i seen when i could finnally calm down but they thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me . but after a few minutes my sister and her friend ran in and slam the door and said they heard someone walking in the wood s . nothing else was said and i think everyone else has forgotten but i never did or could . i didnt seem to be a monster but it seem to be a creature with a soul and feelings and wasnt out to harm . if it wanted to it could have rip me to one end to the other. its very tall and very wide in the soulders . long arms and wide. this is my sighting i never really have told anybody until now. since then i always new and new if i wanted i could find such animale . thank you

ALSO NOTICED: nothing else was unusual that night .just happen out of a night of kidding around.

OTHER WITNESSES: nothing else was unusual that night .just happen out of a night of kidding around.

ENVIRONMENT: its was wooded next to alot of pine trees or pine forest. at the time was not to populated area .

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