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Report # 1438  (Class B)
Submitted by witness wishing to remain anonymous on Thursday, January 25, 2001.
Barefoot tracks and whistling heard while hunting
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: October

DATE: 28

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Yakima County

LOCATION DETAILS: On the Bumping Lake Rd, 3/4 of a mile up the trail to American Ridge, near Cougar Flats.

NEAREST TOWN: Goose Prarie

NEAREST ROAD: Bumping Lake rd

OBSERVED: First of all I don't know if this incident is a big deal or not, but I been a outdoorsman for many years and it kind of caught my attention.

I was Elk hunting in the Bumping river area of Yakima County. I was walking up the American ridge trail in the am Hours. I had reached a portion of the the trail that was flat and had soft dirt. I noticed a foot print on the trail. My first thought was why would someone walk barefooted up on the mountain. The track was not large. It looked like a slender womans foot print. I followed the track up the trail for about six to eight feet and I then lost sight of the track.

I continued walking and I heard a wierd whistling sound. It wasn't real loud, but I definetly didn't recognize it. I started to put things together in my mind (Track/Whistle) and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

I continued up the trail and eventually sat down to watch a draw for any elk that may be crossing. I again heard the whistling sound.

I have been hunting in this exact area since about 1977 including other places and I don't recall hearing a similair sound. Looking back now, It seems even more strange that if the foot print was in fact a person that had taken off their shoes to fix their socks or whatever, why would they walk up the trail, especially in late October?

OTHER STORIES: I have heard that there have been bigfoot sightings in this area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around 8:00 am. It was light and cloudy but visibility was great. No snow or frost.

ENVIRONMENT: Thick Douglas Fir forest with some cedars. Creek nearby.

A & G References: Pg. 49, A7

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness and he further described the tracks as slender in appearance, possibly curved, maybe a man's size 8, no deeper than his own boots with a six to eight foot long trackway. He couldn't recall if both left and right tracks were present. He could not easily describe the whistle except to say that he never heard anything like it and that another 200 yards up the trail there were more whistles.

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