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Report # 1263  (Class B)
Submitted by Brian Smith on Tuesday, January 16, 2001.
Rooks Park Investigation
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 12/15/2000

STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Walla Walla County

LOCATION DETAILS: take mill creek road to the rooks park turn off and follow till you reach Rooks Park


NEAREST ROAD: Mill Creek Road

OBSERVED: While walking along the Mill Creek Constitutional Path on 12/15/2000 witness Harley Michaelis observed large barefooted tracks along the trail. Harley estimated the tracks to be 18-20 inches long and 9-10 inches wide, he also noticed a smaller set of tracks along with the other tracks. Harley said the second set of tracks were about 10 inches long. As he followed the tracks he came to a wooden bridge and lost the tracks there. Harley did not report this sighting till 14 days later out of fear that he would be considered a nut.

ALSO NOTICED: The park was quiet, Harley was the first to break the new snow besides the two sasquatch.

OTHER STORIES: many stories of sasquatch activity in the walla walla/ blue mountain area

TIME AND CONDITIONS: very foggy and cold. time was early mornng hours, ground was coverd in fresh snow

ENVIRONMENT: Paved walking trail / Mill Creek/ area is coverd in rose hip and black berry bushes/ Thick tree growth on one side of Mill Creek other side lines the farming fields.

A & G References: A&G Pg 41 D7


Follow-up investigation report:

I followed up on this sighting 14 days after it occurred. The snow along the trail had melted off. I crossed the wooden bridge and discovered that this side still had snow and ice on the ground. While walking the area I did discover tracks along the dirt road heading towards the fields. The tracks were frozen showing the out line of toes, these measured 10 inches with a two foot stride which matched Harley's report. I also found a track which was frozen into the mud along wooden stairs. I casted it but the heat from the casting material somewhat melted the frozen mud. The cast does show 2 toe marks. I also discovered what might be a possible sasquatch nest along the paved trail.

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