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Report # 1225  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Paula J. Drake on Friday, November 21, 1997.
Creature seen crossing road
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YEAR: 1997

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Grays Harbor County

LOCATION DETAILS: Hiway 101, one mile North of the Moclips hwy turnoff near Neilton Wa.



OBSERVED: As I was driving alone in my car I saw a very large dingy white, furry individual cross the road approximately 50 yards in front of my car. He did not appear to notice my car as he did not turn or glance in my direction. This creature took very wide strides and crossed the road quickly although he did not appear to be in a hurry. The creature looked very tall and large to me. I looked around for some way to compare his height and discovered that I could see his head above a "curving road" warning sign. This struck me because the creature was at least 5 to 10 yards the other side of the sign from me and I could see his head and shoulders above the sign. He walked upright, but slightly hunched at the shoulders and knees slightly bent. His arms and hands hung down palms to the back. His arms did not swing much as he strode across the hiway. I did not see his face because he did not turn toward me so I don't know if he had a hairy face or not. His head and shoulders and whole body was covered with matted, whitish long hair. The shoulders didn't seem proportioned to the rest of the body. They looked more narrow and the head was not proportionately large either. I saw no shape that would indicate breasts. The hips, waist and thighs seemed bulkey and large proportionately.

OTHER WITNESSES: To my knowledge, I was the only witness. I was on my way to meet my family to camp at Kalaloch for the holiday. I had had to work and my husband and children went ahead to get a good camp set up. I had traveled about 5 hours or more from our home in eastern Washington. Our family and friends have camped at Kalaloch several times every summer for eighteen years and I was looking forward to spending the week with them. We had not come the year before because of building a new home. I was driving along with the music on loud and thinking about what condition I would find camp after Dad and the boys having set up without me! I was also thinking of how beautiful the surrounding mountains and forest were with the rain glistening. The creature took me by surprize and it may have been half way across the road before I realized what I was seeing.

OTHER STORIES: I was very excited when I reallized what this creature might be. Then my next reaction was one of fear because of its size and shape, although he did not look particularly aggressive or threatening. I wanted to stop and observe where he had disappeared into the woods, but I couldn't do it. Instead I locked my doors and slowed to a crawl in a pullout area right where he had crossed the road. I made a mental note of where I was exactly and how high the sign was that I had compared him to. I wanted to be able to show my husband. I didn't bring the car to a complete stop but did observe as best I could the surroundings. Later that week when I was on the way home I measured that it had been exactly one mile North of the Moclips turnoff. The most unusual thing to me was the color of the creature. I was surprized it was white, well, dirty white anyway. Like the color of a white dog with matted dirty hair. I had never heard of a white sasquatch in Washington before.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: The weather had been very wet all day and everything was soaking wet including the road. But it was not raining at this time and the sun was shining brightly with broken clouds in the sky. Visibility was good for a long distance in every direction. Everything was sparkling with the rain on it. The roads were not well traveled. There was very little traffic. An empty piggyback logging truck may have been 150 yards in front of me. That went around the bend in the road just as I saw the creature cross between my car and the truck. I saw no other traffic for miles but an occasional camper or truck.

ENVIRONMENT: Landscape on the east side of the highway was very dense, thick, young, forest. The trees were, maybe 20 feet tall or more. The underbrush was very thick and lush as in the rain forested area. The creature came out of this area and crossed straight over the highway to the West side where he walked down an old abandoned logging road. There were tall trees and thick forest all around. The abandoned road had no trees, but was overgrown with thick, wet brush.

A & G References: Pg. 60, A1 Quinault Ridge

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