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Report # 9567  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, October 18, 2004.
While taking dog outside witness sees large bipedal shadow next to his shed

YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November

DATE: 12

STATE: Louisiana

COUNTY: Sabine Parish


NEAREST ROAD: 300Yrds. from LA. state171

OBSERVED: I will tell about my visual siting. I do have an on going encounter with many sound and oder encounters which happened the same waythen Ihad the sigting.
It was a winter night about 22:00hrs.I took my dog out. We were outside about ten minutes. When I saw a creature standing 20-25ft. away. Itwas next to a small building with the woods behind it.There was astreet light 50ft.behind me. Iknow it was not my shadow, My shadow stoped 10ft. short of its feet.
As we looked one another over.the dog just wonted to go inside.At this time Iheard a noise to my right I turned to se what it was .Isaw nothing. Iturned back an the creature turned to look also.The smell was like awet deer but ten times worse.The creature was around 8-9ft.tall. Dark hair covered its body.It seemed to get up set becouse I did not run. It took a type of defensive posture and looked me up and down.The mood seamed to change I thought it might charge.At this point I went In side let the dog go got my handgun and went back out but it was gone.However Icould still here him in the woods.
It was about 8-9ft.tall and at the least (500lbs).The shoulder span was around 4-5Ft. I this had to be alarge male. Due to the way it acted and its movement and presents. I say htis from my years of hunting and just whatching wild life.The next day I found single print that was about 5in. wide at the hill .This was the best part You could see. It was about 18-20in. long.I feel there was only the one due to the fact we had norain for weeks.The night was dry and clear. there was no wind or clouds in the sky.
Ihave no dought what Isaw. IKnow what all the local wildlife looks like including the rare black bear that comes alone.
Iwould be very intrested in speaking to some one from your group.This as been going on for the last three years and not slowing down.
Thanks for giving me a place to report. Iknow of other people that have had encounters also.

ALSO NOTICED: There are on going encounters that me and my famly members have had.

OTHER WITNESSES: I had two people that saw the print.One of the two smelled the oder the next day.

OTHER STORIES: I have two friends that had some thing scream at them and chase them one night. They did not tell me about this until after i told them about what happened to me.They were together at the time of there encounter. Buttold me the same story separate of one another.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It occured at about 22:00hrs. The lighting was very good. The weather was cool and clear whith no wind.

ENVIRONMENT: Its ten acre clear area with my home on it. Ther are two creeks that run down both sides of the property. The woods are very thick and competely circle the property.Theres only one way in one way out.There is a nearby highway and a wildlife refuge two miles northwest.I would say the town of many is two miles south.

Follow-up investigation report:

Witness added during the interview that he didn't notice any smell after coming outside to let the dog use the bathroom. He also stated that the dog was calm and acting normal prior to coming outside and after getting outside. He said that after he noticed the shadow of a figure by his shed did he then begin to notice a strong pungent smell almost like a wet deer but alot stronger. He also noticed it was at this time that his dog became very nervous and wanted to return to the house.He used the shed height as a gauging tool to estimate the height of the shadow, the shed is approximately 7 feet at the roof line. He has also noticed several tree bows that block some of the old logging roads that are live fresh trees not disturbed by the logging. The trees are 4-10 inches in diameter by his estimations. He has been in this residence since April of 2002, shortly after moving in he witnessed a hardwood tree getting shaken very vigorously just inside the treeline but didn't make much of it until a few days later when he decided to see what had happened over there. It was then that he said he discovered the tree was over 10 inches in diameter.